Coil spring spacers and trailing arm bushings -Mercedes G - W460,461,463

Titus Pullo

Coil spring spacer LIFT KITS and trailing arm bushings -Mercedes G - W460,461,463

Now available for sale.
Poly coil spring spacer LIFT KITS - 30,40,50 mm. thickness. Combination of different thickness front/rear also available at no additional cost.
Set of 4.
$270 + shipping.

Panhard bar bushings available as well.

Offset Radius arm bushings set available too.


Poly trailing arms bushings, set of 16 - 8 bushings trailing arms to axle, 8 bushing trailing arm to frame.

$280 + shipping.


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Worldwide shipping.
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Titus Pullo

Thanks everybody for the business!
All orders are shipped and will be received shortly.
And..... keep buying!:beer::beer:

Titus Pullo

Don't have information for cracked or sagged spacers over the last two years. They can go top or bottom regardless but most of my customers install them at the top.


So when you install them, do you need to remove the brake line or is there a trick to installing it. I just bled my brakes with motul and I don't feel like wasting $60 in fluids....

Titus Pullo

Merry Christmas and Very Happy New Year to all my friends, past , current and future customers!

All the orders placed to Dec. 25th. are processed but expect slight shipping delay at this time of the year.

We are leaving for vacation Jan. 5th and we'll be back at 20th. so all the orders placed at this period will be processed after.

Thanks everybody.


ImageUploadedByTapatalk1358454745.511280.jpgThe obligatory drive way shot. 40 front and 30 rear. I found that installing them on top was the easiest and best option. There's definitely less road noise from the isolation. And I did end up using a spring compressor and removing the brake lines.
here's mine.

I installed 50mm ones front and rear.

coil spring compressor is recommended, loose shock bottom nuts.

rear is easier than front.

I removed front calipers instead of removing brake lines. either way works.

picture of my G


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