Coconut's 2006 Nissan Frontier Build Thread


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2006 Nissan Frontier CC SE 4x4

I finally took the time to join up here at Expedition Portal so I thought I would start a build thread first thing. Anyway, the name is Colt. I have yet to develop an overall “Goal/Build” for the truck, but rather to mod to satisfy various needs/requirements of my vehicle with the underlying principle of an expo vehicle.

Vehicle Stats:
14.506 @ 93.10mph @ 4,469Lbs.
245whp 261wtq
11.5" Front Ground Clearance @ LCA mounting crossmember (w/o larger tires)

AirRaid CAI
OBX Headers w/ copper-fiberglass wrap
Custom Highflow Exhaust (magnaflow/flowmaster hybrid. 2.25” Magnaflow catalytic converters. 31” worth of Flowmaster welded together a 40+50series)
Throttle Body Intercooler
Ingalls Engine Torque Damper
Nismo 350z 54*C Thermostat
WRP Light Weight Under Drive Power Steering Pulley
WRP Light Weight Under Drive Crank Pulley
WRP Intake Manifold Spacer
UpRev Dyno & Load Tuned w/ 5 Preloaded Tuning Maps (93oct-race, 87oct-performance, 13.25 Locked Stoichiometric ratio, Stock and Vallet).

Front -
Calmini Extended Stainless Brake Lines
Old Man Emu 608 Coil Springs
Bilstein 5100 Adjustables
Titan Poly Sway Bar Bushings
Rear -
Deaver 2 Leaf Pack
Bilstein Shocks
Calmini Shackles
Double Heimed Traction Bars

Custom Fab'd Front and Rear 1.5” DOM Tube Bumpers.
1.5” DIY Body Lift

Short-term Goals:
TransGo Jatco 5sp Shift Kit - On Order.
285/75r16's. - Ended up purchasing Yokohama Geolander ATS
M226 w/ 3.69 + TruTrac

Long-term Goals:
Titan Mid-travel Swap.
Short block built for 6psi+

Performance Pictures:

Traction Bars -

Headers -

Highflow Catalyst System w/ O2 Bungs -

Hybrid Exhaust System –

Nismo 54*C Thermostat -

WRP Power Steering Pulley - (and WRP Crank Pulley)

NRG Engine Torque Damper –

WRP Intake Manifold Spacer –

Suspension Pictures:

Calmini Shackles + Deavers:

OME608's + Bilstein Adjs.

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The first front bumper I built –

I even Media Blasted it before I sold it

The rear bumper I built – (And Keeping!)

The new 1.5” DOM Front Tube Bumper I'm currently working on –
It's nowhere close to being at a half way point in this set of pictures, so keep the comments to a minimum, please :)

As it sits currently 9/7/10. Still building this thing... Lacks headlight protection bars, 2" receiver, radiator protection and all the little finishing details like capping the ends. I've been considering Herculine'ing it, but at the rate I tend to damage things it might not be such a great idea. Let me know what y'all think

9/9/10 - Got a chance to bend the headlight bars today. This must make it 55% completion right? lol.

9/10/10 - Got the headlight protection mounted. More pix tomorrow.

9/13/10 - Radiator protection bent, mounted & gusseted.
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Do you remove the traction bars when you offroad? Seems like they would be rock fodder.

Nice build!
I know they look kind of 'low', but Nope they clear just about every thing I need to go over, but not once did they drag/snag @ Hidden Falls so I was content about that. They're built strong enough to take a beating and if I do happen to damage one I'll be fab'ing out ladder bars! Forgot to mention they do not sit lower than the stock axle shock mounts nor the lower portion of the diff. So its all good.

Next thing that I'll be designing/building = Sliders. I'm looking for side protection and the functionality of a step.

Thanks y'all!


How do you like the OME and Bilstien combo? That seems like a good way to get a bit more hight out of the OME coils. I have been thinking about this set up, so it is great to see some one that has already tried it.


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How do you like the OME and Bilstien combo? That seems like a good way to get a bit more hight out of the OME coils. I have been thinking about this set up, so it is great to see some one that has already tried it.
I've had it on for about 3k miles and its not too bad. The Bilsteins are a fantastic way to calm down the stiffer/taller coils. I currently have the Bilsteins set to .5" of lift and was able to achieve an unexpected ~3" total front lift out of them even with the extra weight of an 'aftermarket' bumper. The ride can be not so smooth at times and somewhat limited in it's droop cycle, but it worked out great for me. I do however intend to take them down to the 0" setting to alleviate the lack of suspension droop. I have approximately ~1-1.5" droop @ the UCA before it looks like it would "contact" the coilbucket, though it cannot.

Edit - 9/13/10 - Swapped the OME/Bilstein Coilover assembly down to the 0" mark today. This helped tremendously in allowing the suspension to droop while driving. Overall I lost about 1/4" lift per side (Driver and Passenger) which isn't noticeable. My load carrying capacity remained the same and the ride is much more 'forgiving' now while @ ~3" Front lift; not bad for relatively stock suspension.
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After editing old posts and hitting the max of 25pix per post, it's time for a new post :coffeedrink:

I apologize for the blurry pic -

Hoping to get some better pictures from the side to showcase the radiator protection because this one has the effect of making the stinger+headlight protection look as though there is quite a bit of angle to them - when there isn't!

Secondary lower frame mounting bracket - before I cleaned it all up and drilled the holes. This is what also supports the radiator protection and is also attached to front frame horn brackets via 1.5" DOM gussets. I left it large in case I opted to come back and add more structure to the bumper. Maybe I'll feel crazy and start an Exocage. Not.

Remaining tasks - Mount 2", Double pass all welds, take off excess tubing ends, smooth rough edges and finalize it for mediablasting.

Update for the radiator protection pix as promised -

Gussets looks VERY close in this pic. Not to worry, I planned it this way. The gussets will have approximately 3/4" depth removed and capped w/ 1.5" DOM. If you look closely on the right-hand gusset you can see a mark of where I intend to remove material. Though that mark doesn't look so great haha.

Bar ends to be removed during finalizing the bumper

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Is it time to invest in a snorkel?

Click picture for video

I encountered flood waters on my drive back from San Antonio, Tx. Not exactly how I like to do things - more or less trying to get home with all of the localized flooding.
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I see a JP:victory:
Yes you did!

Special thanks to this guy ^^ for a set of 78" Trail Gear Rock Sliders and the chance to fit a new 285/75r16 Terra Grappler! :rally_guys: I've needed tires for a while but my current tires still have a fair amount of tread so I was going to be patient and let them wear...Until this. I was able to achieve very minor rubbing on the mudflap where it protrudes out - not bad. He also loaned me a heat gun to take care of this :bike_rider:

Few teasers of what's up and coming within the next two weeks before Wheeltoberfest

Front Bumper Update - Finally had time to get the 2" receiver mocked into place before I remove the bumper to finalize everything. Shortened the front of the receiver and will be capping the back to prevent radiator/evaporator contact.

Forgot why I made this - I might use them for my transmission skid. 1" sch40 w/ 12mm I.D. poly bushings.

Media Blasted - prepping for paint.

Sprayed two coats of rustoluem gloss black.

285/75r16D's coming tomorrow!
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Plans are still as listed but darn I need a locker and a little more front/rear suspension travel.

Click image for video:

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