CoastalDefender's build thread

CoastalDefender's '05 Frontier build thread

In response to Mike's nudging, I'm going to breakdown the mods to my rig.

Now, I've done a little bit to it, nothing nearly as cool as much of you, but it's still in the "beginning stages".

I liked 2K54X4's formatting of his Build Thread, so I'll use that as a template. :)

OWNER: Kadar (Yes, that's my real name, and I'm a normal dude. lol)
LOCATION: Washington State Coast

YEAR: 2005
MAKE: Nissan
MODEL: Frontier SE Edition

ENGINE: 4.0lt. V6
TRANSMISSION: 5-Speed automatic

FRONT: PRG 2" Spacers
REAR: Rancho 9000 Shocks and Automotive Customizers Add A Leaf pack
Rear Diff Breather Extension Mod
TIRES:Toyo M/T 255/85R16
WHEELS: Stock Nissan 5-spoke, but sanded and painted black
BRAKES: R1 Concepts Premium Slotted/Holed Rotors and Ceramic Pads

Pioneer AVIC-D3
Cobra Compact CB radio
Firestik CB antenna mounts and coax
Rear-View Camera
LED 3rd Brake Light w/ "Blinking Smart Stop"
Yaesu FT-7900R

Hilift mounted to KMA rear MultiCarrier Bumper
20k lb tow line
Pierced steel planking sand mats

Yakima Rack on cab of truck
ARE Canopy
Yakima Rack on canopy
4 Yakima crossbars
Yakima Load Warrior
Steel braided brake lines in rear
Sanded/Painted Grill
KMA Multi-Carrier Rear Bumper
Shrockworks Front Bumper w/ Warm M8000

Fog Lamp setup

Bought my Frontier January 15th 2005. They were so rare we got the 4th one to make it to Washington. Actually visited 3 dealerships who were all trying to sell me this exact same VIN which happened to be in Burlington, WA.

This truck has seen both coastlines, lived two winters in Indiana, been our daily driver since it's purchase, and still held up like a champ. And we've only got 60k miles on it, w/ nearly 1/4th being 100% highway (roadtrips). It's also towed a 4000lb trailer from WA to Indianapolis, and back, and took the hills better than my 2006 Kenworth could.

Pic is of my truck when it was bone-stock.
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The next few crappy pics are from my cellphone, as my wife forgot to charge the camera after she last used it. :)

All these were taken today.

First, the Bedbox/Hi-Lift Mount fab. Most fabbing I've done on the truck. Everything else was plug-n-play as far as the installs.

Pulled the two side utilitrack rails (thank God Nissan took into account many of us would use BedBoxes, and cut their Utilitrack just right for that.)

Anyways, pulled the side rails by unscrewing the Torx head screws with an Impact Drill (T-35 I this it was?). Then put the Hi-Lift on top of the Box and measured evenly from each side to a logical meeting for the rails. Drilled appropriate sized holes for the screws, put the rails down, siliconed the holes, and screwed in the screws. Easy as pie.

The actual way I mounted the Hi-Lift though leaves a LOT to be desired. I like the Hi-Lift mount on MCM4090's truck so much better, I think I am going to adapt that. My current method uses 4 cleats and bunji's/chain to keep it from rattling around. Crude, but effective.
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mcm4090 said:
How do you have your lights mounted in the front?
I drilled straight into the bumper. Those are about teh lamest mod I did. They worked for only a few days and water shorted them out. They were free, so I get what I paid for.

I'd rip them out entirely if I wasn't going to just replace the bumper w/ a Shrock anyways. So they'll just sit until then.

Pic to go with last post-
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And finally, the reason the KMA is next on my list.

Actually got the same damage as 2K54X4's stock rear bumper, doing the same thing! lmfao!

Crawling up a hill (more like bouncing and slipping my way up) when my ascent turned into a descent, but facing the wrong direction. Hitting a tree at the bottom, not real hard, but hard enough to bend the bumper into the quarterpanel, I'm now in the market for a decent bumper.
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articulate said:
Sweet use of the utilitrack!

I love your truck, she's a beauty.
Thank you. I'm moonstruck in love with her too. :)

The goal is to make her totally black all over. Wheels, lose the bumpers for those mentioned, sliders, etc. I'm even thinking about losing the badging and figuring out how to blackout the plastic chromed "Nissan" emblems all around.

However, I like the Chinese on the sides so much, I may keep a few extra chrome accents around. Possibly just leave all the Nissan emblems chromed and blacking everything else.

Besides, the plan is for my trailer to be a match to the truck. It just got it's black paintjob, and it's own little Chinese character stickers are in the works. :)

I'll add pics of the trailer for kicks here in a minute. Off to cleanup after just bottling a new brew of Oatmeal Stout. :)
Oh, I forgot. I also added a second horn. Our horn sucks. So after a LOT of research over at ClubFrontier, I ended up purchasing a High Tone horn and adding it in tandem to the Low Tone that we have stock.

Holy smokes, that makes all the difference in the world. Lemme tell ya, heads turn when I hit that thing. A MUST upgrade for all out there, and at $10 + 30min install, it's almost more costly not to do.
Very ingenious mounting the section of utilitrack on your toolbox. I really like the look with the topper on it too. Do you get better, worse, or the same gas mileage with it on?
Nice looking truck!!!

I will be doing my build thread soon. I haven't dont quite as much as some of you but I have some things on the way (HURRY UP UPS!!)

The utilitrack is just awesome. I mounted my CO2 on it recently. Keeps it in place.
2K54X4 said:
Very ingenious mounting the section of utilitrack on your toolbox. I really like the look with the topper on it too. Do you get better, worse, or the same gas mileage with it on?
I am getting 19 HWY right now. 17 for my commute.

With the box empty and no canopy, I"m getting 20HWY. Add the canopy and I'll get 19.5.

Put all my crap in the box like I always carry, it costs .5MPG.

The REAL mileage killer is my Yakima Crossbars. The difference on and off is nearly 1.5MPG

My ride is also a LOT nicer with that extra 300lbs of canopy on the back. A lot stiffer when I take it off.

I am thinking the snorkel will give me a bit of a boost, but unaware of what the muffler will do, good or bad.
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