CNC Teardrop Cutting Files


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I've been working on CNC files based on last summer's build. Here's a great way to wear out a perfectly good pen while test driving a file:

The files are limited to the skeleton pieces, exterior skins, hatch ends, galley lip, and roof blocking. Even though the profile is or a 126" long teardrop, the parts are designed to be cut on a full-sheat capable CNC.

As of right now, I'm planning to have the files available for download on the author page. (I'm assuming my web software will allow for SVG files.)




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Very cool. I have been investigating the teardrop building hobby for a while now and it sure seems like there would be a market for more "kit" based items like this. Lots of folks are pretty good at assembling but not so much on the fabricating. Having the major parts pre-cut might give some fence sitters (myself included) the inspiration to go forward. Well done sir.

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You can download the files along with a PDF cutting instruction paper at this link (for free):
That is very kind of you!

Please add the link to your first post in your thread:

Please also add the link in a new post.

Adding the link to the first post will be useful for anyone coming across your book thread, and adding it as a new post will be useful to thread followers. :)


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I've had a fair amount of interest in DXF files instead of the SVG files I uploaded.

I just did a test of a DXF file I converted over to make sure Inkscape didn't mess with the dimensions. Worked perfectly.

The dados for the cross members are .72" in the design and when cut, they are still .72" for Baltic birch to slip in and still have room for glue.

I should have all the DXF files uploaded to my webpage by the middle of this week.



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Thanks for this! One of the DXF links (Exterior Skin Front) is pointing to the Skeleton Front file. Book ordered!