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Clothing Arts makes pick-pocket-proof clothing designed by travelers who were inspired by their adventures throughout the world.
It is inevitable that if you travel, or spend a lot of time around large groups of people at festivals or wandering a city, you will be targeted by thieves.
Clothing Arts has developed pants, shorts and shirts with visibly guarded and hidden pockets to thwart the ill intentions of a pick pocket.

front_pocket_secure.jpg passport.jpg phone.jpg

Owner Adam Rapp, traveling through Xian, China in 2007 narrowly escaped such a fate. Though signs were posted warning tourists and locals alike to beware of pickpockets, it was Adam's traveling companion who alerted him to thieving fingers just centimeters from his wallet. With two more countries and four more months of travel ahead of them, Adam knew what trouble a few more distracted seconds might have summoned.

As his Asian adventure came to a close another was just beginning: Adam's search for well made travel gear that could protect him from the prevalence of foreign pickpockets. Finding nothing that satisfied, Adam designed his own travel clothing, insisting on high quality, functionality and security. Soon Adam created his patented Pick-Pock Proof Pants (P^cubed).

rear-pocket.jpg teflon.jpg expandable-pocket.jpg

Clothing Arts is designed by travelers for travelers. As of July 31, 2015, these innovative pants and shirts have foiled 19 pick-pocket attempts and likely deterred hundreds more. Clothing Arts' website tracks the real thwarted thieveries as submitted by everyday explorers wearing P^cubed Pants.

All of their products can be ordered on their website. New colors and styles for men and women are added as the line continues to expand. With stain and wrinkle resistance and multitude of protected pockets, Clothing Art's pants, shorts and shirts are perfect for re-wearing, re-packing and re-loading with maps, bottles of water, and currency. The breathability and design make them a packing list staple.

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Expedition Leader
I have had one each of their men's shorts and pants. A nice product with excellent workmanship, and the zippers and flaps they designed to keep the nefarious away are excellent for stopping things like the truck keys from falling out. Worth your consideration, IMHO.


These look awesome. Not doing any international travel any time soon but I always do manage to let my keys and phone slip out of my pocket.

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