Cletus' 2013 Tundra DC TRD Off-road build


Purchased the truck on October 13, 2016 with 58,000 km on the clock. Truck came with a Truxedo cover, drop in bed liner and running boards. Had what looked to be the factory Rugged trails on for tires.
Before I picked it up I had them put 28% tint on the front windows, and got rid of the drop in box liner for a spray in one instead. Ordered 295/65/18 Duratracs for the stock rims (summer). I picked up a used set of 275/65/18 Blizzacs on factory steel rims cheap and had those put on the truck since winter has seemed to set in early around here.
Here's what it looked like once I brought it home.

Before I even completed the purchase on the truck I had went ahead and ordered the standard 8" system from Keith at BAMufflers/ Dirty Deeds Industries. So I had some time yesterday to pull off the running boards (I will build rock sliders for it in the next few months), pulled out the factory muffler and installed the new BAM setup once the FedEx truck arrived

I really like the sound of the new exhaust. I haven't installed the helmholtz resonator yet as I don't find the drone very bad but I will wait and see.

Next on the to do list:
-Icon stage 2 (ordered), plan on only lifting the front 2" for better ride quality and easier on the CV's
-flush mount LED's (ordered) mounted in the rear factory bumper then Bedliner the bumper
-De-badge entire truck
-Bedliner the front grill
-Rock sliders
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Well I changed my mind like I'm known to do and decided to stud the Duratracs for the winter. Will be selling the blizzacs and finding different rims and tires for the summer. Actually found a used set of 18" Black Fuels that I'm gonna go look at tomorrow.

Here's a pic of the rear Icon shocks. Still waiting for the leafs to come in.


Had some free time so I did the rear seat mod which allows you to drop the rear seat back down. I have a few ideas for storage back here but am going to get some dynamat for the rear wall before I remove the cardboard insulation that's back there. Took about 30 mins start to finish.


Waiting for my cousin to get this finished and out of my garage so that I can start building my tent rack.

Waiting on new bumpstops and 2 bushing sleeves to finish up.


Basically you remove the 6 14mm head bolts from the bottom of the seat brackets (3 in the floor and 3 into the back wall). Then trim the hooks that grab the loops on the back wall of the truck. I just used this picture as reference then used cardboard to protect the seats and used an angle grinder to cut. I've heard of people using bolt cutters to cut them (this would be cleaner as in no grindings dust)
Then how they work is that when the seat bottom is lifted to approximately 45 degrees the seat back is at its highest point of travel and the hooks can pull away from the loops. When the seat bottom is in the down or full upright positions the seat back is still locked in place.


Was able to get the lift in over the last couple days. Was a good work out. Would have been much easier with a second set of hands. Here's the before and after on the front.

In the front I netted 2" of lift on the passenger side and 2.25" on the drivers side which evened the truck out to 24" venter of hub to fender. I took it for a 5 minute drive to settle it out and first impression on the ride of the icon coilovers is great.
For the rear was the only real difficulty I came across as the top nuts would not come off of the shocks (expected with stud mount) but the sawzall took quick care of that.

The icon add a leaf seams to be different than most as you retain the main (top) leaf and the overload (bottom) and replace the 2 middle leafs with 3 icon leafs. It takes some work but the icon instructions are pretty good. Only tips I have are to take the bolts out of the e-brake line brackets along with the abs wire bracket (more on this later)

Got everything in and its looking nice.

With the icon leaf pack I gained 2.25" of droop over stock (without the shock on the stock leafs and the shock installed on the icons) this makes the distance too far for the abs bracket to work so tomorrow I'll be making an extended bracket to allow it to work with full droop.

Can't wait to drive it with the rear done now. Alignment is booked for Friday morning. I'll post pictures tomorrow of the bracket and new stance.