Cleaning sleeping bags.


I have a North Face Snowshoe Synthetic sleeping bag, rated to 0 Degrees

Was wondering if anyone had any tips for washing one? It doesn't smell or anything, but I use it pretty often and I've read that a dirty sleeping bag may not keep you as warm as it should due to the build of of oils, and dirt from the body.
I keep it out, and hung up so it can air out, and put a new drier sheet in there to make is smell good. So, does anyone have and tips for washing one?


Wash it in a front loader with a mild detergent. Then rinse it twice. When you dry it stop every few mins and fluff the bag so the loft doesn't ball up.


from their website (

How do I wash my synthetic sleeping bag?
We recommend that you use a commercial sized, front loading washing machine to wash your synthetic sleeping bag. Wash in warm water with a mild powder detergent. Rinse several times to remove all the dirty, soapy water. An extra spin cycle will also remove excess water. Line dry, or tumble dry on very low, or no heat. Check the bag frequently to be sure the fabric is not getting too hot. Be sure your bag is completely dry before storing.

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I have been dropping my synthetic bag off at the laundromat for the last 8 years, getting it cleaned about every 6 months. It has always turned out well and costs about $30 which I then bill to my company - job perk!