Clark Camper - 2000 E450 Ambo


Expedition Leader
Excellent work. I’ll be following along... for inspiration. I like where you put your fridge and microwave. I’ve decided to also do my cooking outside. The microwave inside will be more for those cold wet nights when we don’t want to cook and just want to hybernate in piece.

Nice looking cabinets! How do you get in that top pass. side drawer? Do you think 3/4" is overkill for the boxes? I've been looking at using 1/2" for some weight savings but maybe it's worth more weight for strength?
Not all plywood is created equal. 1/2” Baltic Birch is significantly stronger than regular plywood and I’d use it if I wanted to go 1/2”.


Very nice to see you did it right by gutting the entire box and starting from scratch. That's how I did mine and it's the way to go! I will soon be starting another ambo with a friend and the gutting has already started... I really like what I'm seeing, nice craftsmanship and no cutting corners. Someone asked earlier about 1/2" vs 3/4" for cabinets. Personally I would go with 1/2" but nothing wrong with yours, just on the overkilled side of thing ;) Mine are all 1/2" and have survived lots of abuse without any issues. Thanks for the info on the doghouse! I haven't touched mine yet so there's definitely room for improvement! Just like everyone else I'm curious on your poptop... Love mine but at time I wished I had simply raised my roof by 8" instead. But comes summer and I'm thankful for all that extra space, fresh air and bright light that it lets in. Did I miss it or you haven't mentioned a shower? That is one thing I wish I had the room to include in mine. I have an outside one but not always practical. I bought a collapsible dog bathtub that I'll give a try to shower inside but haven't tested it yet. Also, no Maxxair fan or did I miss that as well?

For the doghouse, how much of the DEI did you need? I see they have at least 3 size options, thanks.

Keep on trucking!


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