CL Find! Siesta Hard sided pop up?

:drool::drool:man you gotta be from the 70's to love the colors :costumed-smiley-007 of course I would not know anything about that :) this is awesome,wonder how much it weighs,if only i didn't live on the right hand ocean......lj

after really looking at the pics(of course nothing like being there) this camper looks to be very solid sag at floor on saw horse..roof looks to be perfect,PLEASE PLEASE let a portal member save this great find...lj

If it is still there,it might be making a trip down to my folks in astoria or until i can convince my mom to come visit the great- grand youngins, which of course she bring the o5f250 with 9,870 miles on it and fly back,i think it would be more fun if we flew out visited mom and then the fun begins for the next 7500 miles.......oh yeah. my wife is gonna hang me
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Has someone here on the portal snapped this up by any chance? i tried to veiw it ,says deleted by poster, must have sold ,I did send an email asking for the seller to call but no response,some one got a nice camper ,.For anyone interested truck camper mag has an archive section with lots of cool pic from the 60-70's
And just because it's what I do, here's the ad and pictures for posterity. ;)

I have a 1974 Siesta 10' slide in truck camper.
* need to have clearance of at least 63 inches at tailgate *
Propane stove/oven
Water tank w/pump and sink
NOTE: Kingston is not near Seattle.
Large bed over cab and dinette makes into another fullsize bed.
VERY clean and in good shape. NO LEAKS
All four jacks work well.


this is killin me to just think of all the fun we could have in this thing, sitting by the :campfire:...:Astrologist: at the stars,having a cold:beer:listening to :rockon: but she said:violent-smiley-031::jump: man i wish it was on my side of the world................
both times that this has been listed i replied asking poster to contact me regarding the camper , something may be wrong with his email ??? i would like to have more info on it. it is such a cool camper , i hate even think about it going to a home that wont appreciate it . :(