Choosing syn winch line

I need some line for a Warn M8000 and am considering synthetic. Is all 3/8 syn line the same or is the Warn brand $200 better than a non name brand dyneema off Amazon?

This warn line is $260
WARN 87915 Spydura Synthetic Winch Rope Kit

And this line is 80 bucks

Boar 3/8" x 100' Dyneema Synthetic Winch Rope for 4x4 SUV Truck(Grey)

Other than the red W on the former, what warrants the $200 difference?


Expedition Leader
You don't have to buy Warn, but I wouldn't trust some random Amazon seller either. Dyneema is Dyneema whether Warn or Viking or Masterpull or someone else is making it into winch lines but either way you want to make sure it's not counterfeit and hasn't been mistreated.
I live near the coast, so just bought it off the drum at a Chandler. Dont remember precisely, but was less than 100$ 3/8”x100’
Of course its not plug-n-play, have to eyesplice and make chafing gear yourself.