Chitake Springs - Predators Playground


Anybody in UK that can record this one hour special - May 25 at 10PM Animal Planet or May 26th 3AM?

Absolutely an incredible trailer.

"The animals of this African spring run a deadly gauntlet to survive. The spring flows out of a sandy river bed 30km inland from the Zambezi River and is the lifeline for hundreds of animals between August and the end of November each year. But taking a drink from this water source comes at a price, as it is flanked by a cliff on either side and forms a perfect ambush alley for the resident lion prides. The action is non-stop as the powerful predators strike with deadly force, and an incredible success rate. They have formed special skills that allow them to take on everything from Buffalo to baby elephant. It is the perfect place to hunt, a predators playground."

No Limit Expeditions is camping there for a couple days as part of their 1st tour in Africa in July. Magical place. Chitake is my favorite place in Africa for wildlife and remote camping.




Thanks a bunch for the shout out. Very excited about camping at Mana Pools and Chitake Springs in July. We will have an epic trip.