Chinook 4x4 in Portland, Or.


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I have no affiliation with this vehicle. I own a Chinook 4x4 and am an aficionado.


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Very good catch!

(From another poster on that other link....”this rig may have been built and converted by Javier Crow, in Tijuana Mexico, to a somewhat questionable level. Just an assumption on my part, buyer beware, etc. The video was shot at an intersection in Tijuana.”)

Also....”aggressively priced for a 20+ yo vehicle with salvage title and over 100K on the clock.“ heh, heh, heh🤑

So, as the dyslexic guy with poor eyesight trying to show off his Latin said, after reading that thread, “empty cavity, man, empty cavity!”

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The seller is going to have to add "Expedition Vehicle or Expo Van" in the title and description of their For Sale Ad if they expect their van to sell for the amount of money they are asking for that van!