Chilean fellows taking part of 4WOR's Ultimate Adventure 2012


This is very cool, not a lot of info on what is happening right now though. Guess I will wait for the magazine to come out and see the full report.


Where have we heard that before? :rolleyes:
A full report is coming since Rick Pewe of 4WOR Mag is there , he is also a close friend of my chilean colleagues. He invited them to the UA this year. They had to ship the Willys MB in a container to the US .


Trust me when I say a full report would not fit in any magazine, when I went last year there was at least 60% that did not make the mag or DVD. I'm not knocking the coverage (althought there is always room for improvement) I know there is only so much that can fit. SVARAS did a great job keeping everyone up to date. Even better than the staffers. I am really jealous of this years UA, I wish I had applied this year instead of last.