Recommended books for Overlanding

Into Africa
by Sam Manicom
From $24.07
Lone Rider
by speth Beard
From $16.23
Motorcycle Messengers: Tales from the Road by Writers who...
by Lois Pryce, Mark Richardson, Carla King, Sam Manic...
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JP, as soon I as I get this rig down there. Id like to do some exploring with you.
It will be in the future but we are planning on it.


Hi there , reviving this post, some shots of our trip to southern Chile , January 2012 ... summertime !!

Great pictures! Looks like a fun trip. I love how quickly the landscape changes from north to south in Chile. Makes for great exploring. With any luck I'll still be able to do a trip down there sometime soon.

What a wonderful country Chile is! Thanks a lot for sharing the wonderful photos you made and my greetings for you and your lovely family ^_^


Thanks a lot friends , also many thanks for the greetings and words of praises. Every now and then I'll be posting pictures of my country so eventual travellers can see what to expect from a tripo to Chile.- :)


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Beautiful country, nice rig and a lovely family. I have a 1.5 year old boy and looking forward to realize trips like you do.

Regards from Turkiye...


And also be prepared for some nice earthquakes .... ups... yesterday we woke up @ 1 am with a 6.7 richter party .... well the story of our lifes. :coffeedrink:
We just drove into Chile from Peru yesterday! Looking forward to getting to know this beautiful country. Thanks for all the teaser photo's in this thread.

Recommended books for Overlanding


Thanks friend ... I'm promotin' my country alone here hahaahha... but hell , its for those few like you that enjoy pictures of far away places. In many ways the south of Chile is very close to Co, Mo, Wa, Ut...