Chevy rear head curtain removal?


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Ignoring the legal issues,
What alot of people fail to forget is that there are no legal issues if you don't sell the van, if you replace the curtains with dummies just keep the curtains tucked away somewhere and if you ever want to sell the van reinstall the curtains! simple and easy!


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I have been doing a conversion with a Chevy express 2009 3500 passenger. Needless to say there has been a lot of learning involved in the two years. The curtain airbag has been a hassle but I’m going to try to simulate the airbags for the rear compartment.


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First, I'd like to thank the OP for posting this. Out of the 38945987345 webpages I've looked at, only 2 have mentioned the rear airbag curtain issues (which is evidently also true of late model Transits)

Second, has anyone actually found a solution to this, or has used the Airbag Systems workaround? I was all set to buy a 2012 Chevy Express too...

Finally, on a related note, does anyone know the last model year Chevy/Ford made passenger vans w/o the rear curtain airbags?
I put resistors in place of my side curtain airbags. I think they were 3 ohm. I just tested the resistance across the airbags and bought a couple of resistors of the same value. I put a couple of layers of heat shrink on top to avoid any sparking in the event of a crash and, voila no airbag light. It's a very simple fix. I did have a head scratching moment when one of the resistors didn't seem to work. It turns out there are two connectors on the pass side, one in front of the barn doors and one behind. I had plugged the resistor into the rearward one and my computer was throwing a code until I looked up and realized I used the wrong one.

No more side airbags, just like if I'd bought a one year older van and no more airbag warning light either.