Chevy Kodial 4x4 help!!!



I just picked up a 2005 Kodiak 4x4 with a custom service body specific for camper attachment. This thing is a beast and drives like champ. I purchased it in CA where I currently live from a guy who has it registered as a commercial vehicle in AZ despite running it as a camper rig. I'm in the process of relocating to TX for nomad travel and saw that Texas requires a muffler when it goes thru safety inspection. The truck has a PPE tune, deleted and is running a straight pipe.

So, for my Texas brethren, has anyone done some sort of "go-around" on their trucks to avoid replacing the fairly new exhaust? If not, is there a basic bolt-on system that gets me thru inspections?

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It's all about where you have it inspected, most small town inspection sites couldn't care less about that kind of crap.
Sweet truck btw, this should be a cool build.


You should have no issues with it passing as is in Livingston. I have never had an inspection crawl under a truck to check mufflers here. Worse comes to worse throw a walker BTM on it and take back for a retest. Sweet truck by the way. Good luck.

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Obviously still speculation but it looks like TX is the same.



FWIW, A nice universal diesel muffler sized to match the pipe is not going to harm your performance enough to even talk about, and it'll take some of the obnoxious bark out of a straight pipe setup. I personally appreciate a reasonable sound level compared to most straight pipe systems. Yes, the turbo acts as a muffler of sorts, but with large dia pipe, it'll still be plenty loud. Even with a muffler it'll have some bark if they ran 3.5" or bigger pipe. Truck is awesome enough that it shouldn't have to yell "Look at ME!!" every time you get on the pedal... Pretty easy to find a straight section, cut out a chunk, and clamp a muffler in.
Good luck, and nice truck!!!
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I would get it inspected and see if they tell you to put a muffler on. If they do, then spend a little extra, have an exhaust shop install flanges when you get the muffler put in and flange the pipe that was cut off. So you can install the muffler, get it inspected, remove the muffler, put the straight pipe back in. keep the muffler in the garage for when you need to have it inspected.

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