Chevy Colorado w/ Astro Body-2007 Colorado Standard Cab 5cy, AT,2wd 59K miles, 8k


I didn't know they made these "Astro Body" kits for the Colorado. Cool base for a build. Looks like the interior is just long enough to sleep in. Add some windows and a RTT or pop-up...

Here is a rare find not very many made a 2007 Colorado 2wd standard cab 3.7L 5cy, AT with 59K original miles runs good, drives nice AC works,radio and the rare Astro box with rack on top and back up camera. Good shape was used as a business work truck so has a few dings in the body and scratches here and there nothing major.



There's also just a body for sale on PDX CL for 3k:


Looks like it fits Colorado and GMC Canyons:

The aerodynamic Supreme Astro Body fiberglass body mounts to commercial Colorado and Canyon pickup chassis and replaces the Astro and Safari Vans phased out by GM. Sleek and practical, the durable fiberglass Astro Body boasts numerous interior and exterior features that appeals to a wide range of former Astro and Safari van customers.

Astro Body Is Functional

More cubic feet of storage than the old Astro or Safari cargo van.
About 1,500 of payload capacity.
Side and rear door locks that are keyed to the chassis, so only one key is needed to open all the vehicle's doors.
A side door was designed so a user can load a 24 inch wide box through the opening and includes an integrated step well.
Convenient paddle handles inside both the side and rear doors so a user can work inside the body with the doors closed if they choose.
A skylight that allows for ambient light inside the body while the rear dome light allows the user to flip it on when working inside with the doors closed.
Wall brackets which allow for Adrian or Master Rack packages to be installed.

Astro Body Has a Distinct OEM Look:

Three key components of the Colorado / Canyon are used in the body: the two rear tail lights, rear CHMSL, and the door handles. The door handles can be keyed to the chassis door.
The rear bumper is modified from the GM 800 series chassis.
The rear CHSML's bed light will illuminate when the rear door is opened, giving the user light when working out of the rear of the vehicle.
The door hinges are commercial grade hinges that have been successfully used in Supreme's lawn care fiberglass bodies for years.
Styling cues were taken from the Colorado chassis in terms of the integration of the body front to the back of the cab, the wheel wells with integrated flares, and style lines on the side.

Astro Body Takes The Driver Into Account:

This body has passed a frontal crash test at 30 miles an hour for driver and occupant safety.
Sit in the Colorado cab and you will notice that there is more leg room and more comfort than the old Astro cargo van.
The separation between the body and cab helps the driver by eliminating cargo noise and odors while heating and cooling faster, when compared to the old Astro cargo van.

Astro Body Is The Result Of Intense Product Engineering:

Take a look at the curves of the Astro Body and you can see the design work that has gone into the body - from the tapered front corners and roof line to the curve in the side walls. Using our work in the wind tunnel, Supreme has developed the most aerodynamic body we have ever built.
Key OEM components have been integrated into the product such as the rear tail lights. The design for how the tail lights are integrated has passed independent photo-metric testing.
Like automotive doors, the Astro Body is designed with "wet" doors with a stainless steel plate inside that allows for water to flow between the door panels and out the bottom. This is necessary if you are working outside in the drizzle.
The steel, e-coated floor frame was designed to withstand the crash test and hold up during our durability testing.
E-coating for the steel floor frame is done by the same company that does the e-coating for the Hummer.
When the side or rear door is opened, the interior light will turn on automatically.
We just bought one of these bodies today to use as the base for our build. Not sure if anyone else has done it but would be interested to see some pictures if they have.