Chevrolet van 4x4 & trailer.

Edward Terry

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I am selling my motorhome and then I will be in the market for a van and trailer to convert. I would like to convert a small cargo trailer to tow. I am thinking about using the trailer to make the couple (van& trailer) more off-grid capable, with more water extra solar systems etc... I also really like the older Chevy vans like the g10s and g20s. I will want a 4x4. Thoughts/ advice?


Try to find something already converted. White Feather Customs, Quigley and a few others such as Advanced 4x4, Boulder vans and Tulsa Truck all do conversions.

You are going to be looking at something in the 15k - 30k range depending on the builder and what all is included. Depending on what you mean by, "older" you may have a hard time finding someone to do this conversion.

I have seen $13,000 conversions and I have seen $40,000 conversions, so do your homework and get out your check book if you are serious. Buying something that someone else has taken the hit on, will likely be a much better deal in the near and long term.


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Remember that G10 and G20 Chevrolet Vans are Unibody construction vans meaning no separate frame and are notorious for rust as you conduct your search.