Chevrolet Pronto 1975 fire engine


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Take a look at this beauty. It still has an ugly paint job at the moment. Fortunately, it's just a wrap film. Underneath it is red. I'll be converting this beautiful piece into a camper van in the coming weeks.

But first a few things have to be done. New clutch, adjust the carburettor, rebuild the springs.... But then the interior work can begin.

There was already one here ( Maybe he'll see my post and give me some advice.

The previous owner has already tried the conversion. But unfortunately rather badly than well. After all, I now already have the solar panel, auxiliary heating, boiler, etc. But everything has to be installed again.




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This is fugly but possibly the greatest thing ever made. Never knew it existed. Begging for a healthy V8 and maybe a 6L80...just sayin'

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If I remember from the other one on here, it's basically a K20/30 frame with the P-chassis forward controls. Looks like a really cool starting point.

Harald Hansen

I've sold mine, unfortunately, but the new owner keeps it in shape and uses it for travels (limited as they have been the last year and a half...) Good luck with yours!