Chest fridge at angle?


I would like to post this somewhere more general than just the van section but I'm not sure where on Expo.

I have had several front door and chest style fridges in a lot of different Overland/camping rigs, mostly vans. I have a big Truckfridge steel chest fridge in my work truck right now that I use daily and would really like to save space by mounting it at an angle. Hell, I'd mount it on it's side and build shelves in it if it would work but I know the compressor won't take that. I've always heard that compressors need to be relatively flat but how flat? Actually, what I've heard is to make sure you leave a fridge in it's normal, upright position for awhile after shipping or tilting so the compressor settles.

My specific question, how much of an angle can a chest fridge live at? I don't mean now and then while offroading, I mean specifically mounting it at as much of an angle as I can, ideally 45 deg. I will add some shelves and mod it inside to keep things where I need them.

I know it's a weird idea but I'm considering trying it. I'd like to hear from folks who know something about refrigeration.


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