Check this out..

The Adam Blaster

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Would probably be watertight, and likely float...
I checked one of the retailers and it's about $2000.00. A bit pricey in my opinion.

Hill Bill E.

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Looks like a Rubbermaid Action Packer with wheels.

I like the 'power' trailer idea, but really can't see it replacing a 7-8K watt generator at a cabin or construction site.

Maybe solar tech has advanced enough to do it?

At my cabin, we run a 220V deep well pump, microwave, coffe pot, toaster, dusk to dawn light, and other lights, as well as tools, vacuum, etc.

Would certainly be nice to pull up a trailer like that, hook it into the 'system' (we run a 7000 watt generator currently) and power everything. The quiet would be really nice!


I guess its ok if you wanna haul some old clothes to the local resale shop behind your car but dont see it being too reliable getting bounced off rocks or hauling anything like rocks or dirt. I wonder if the plastic tub could be ripped off if you were to have it loaded to capacity and one of its corners got slammed down on something like say falling off a curb or large rock. I'll take a steel or aluminum trailer over plastic personally.

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