Charleau Gap, Sunday 2-25


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I'm going to do a quick in&out from the Catalina side Sunday. Ill be at the trailhead at noon, leaving shortly after. I might go as far as the wash, but I'm just shaking down my recently running buggy, so I'm not on any kind of schedule.



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Have fun!

I loved that trail. John Schotts was kind enough to take me last May.

I'll be here at work:mixed-smiley-030:

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ShottsCruisers said:
Buggy on the Gap? Any pics? Check out these buggy shots from Martinez Canyon last Sat:

Yeah, I go out there to shake down because it's easy and close to home if I break down.

I was trying the far driver's side line going up Kissing Rock and this happened...

I got turned back over and everything was fine. It fired right up and didn't even smoke!


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ShottsCruisers said:
What the heck? Whatjado?
The last few times We've been out there, I've been denied by that line. One of my friends took it WAY high left and drove up with his drivers side tires on the wall. I thought I'd try that and slid off the line into the hole I was straddling. I'm carb'ed so I had trouble restarting on my side. My wife had just started walking back to the trailhead to get our Tacoma when I managed to get it started again. I tried to drive backwards out of the flop, but when I popped out of the hole, it just went further over. The engine was still running and I had oil pressure, so I kept wallowing around on the cage until it was obvious nothing was going to happen. About then, Gretchen came back with to other trucks she had met just sown the trail and one of them gave me the tug I needed to get back over.

My list of Life Rules is only one item long- DON'T BE STUPID.

I violated that big time by going out alone.:violent-smiley-031:

These last two attached are after the flop just to prove everything was OK!


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calamaridog said:

I'm just glad you are ok.

Live and learn, everyday:beer:
That's not the first time we've flopped- it's no big deal if you're strapped in (which we ALWAYS are). Slow speed flops are not like full-on high speed desert race multiple rolls!

I have roll-over valves on all my vents and NO loose items anywhere on the buggy.