Charity RoofTop Trailer build


Out of all the trailers I have built I have yet to build a single axle trailer with much articulation as there is no opposing axle or force. These are also not your normal week fenders. this are big rig fenders and much thicker than the average trailer fender. the held on with 3 welds on each side and I, weight 300 pounds can jump in them without bending one. The 5/16" angle in the front and rear will also help keep them clean. If someone bangs these up i bet they have there issues. We put over 1000 pounds on the trailer when we adjusted the fenders. Also the axle is suing under and a straight axle so it can be flipped easily allowing for Way more room if the new owner wishes.


Outfitting for Adv
I applaud you, your dedication, your organization, and your results. Bravo! :bowdown: :luxhello: :clapsmile:

The trailer design is elegantly simple and probably exceedingly useful.

I believe, if you're having a raffle, you need to advertise when ticket sales end and the date of the drawing, and you may want to include particulars like: 'do not need to be present to win', and 'winner is responsible for arranging shipping within 7 days of notification' and 'failure to claim within 7 days will result in forfeiture', etc. The best place for such info is a website.


All the info was on the Facebook Page.

The trailer has it's new home.

I posted the winners up on Facebook. It was very cool building this and giving it away and to be able to do it with 100% donated costs and volunteers was very cool. We sold 428 tickets and 100% of that went to WFTW.

The lady who won, her husband is a Vet, they are volunteers at our Purple Santa Event every year. They are also volunteers at the main event every year and have been since day one. It could not have gone to better home.

The post with some pictures are at :

Third place went to Cameron Rasco, I will be sending him the Kabar Kukri Knife from Gnarbuckle.

Second place was Smittybilt tent from Smittybilt and 4 Wheel Parts. Nathan Gunter took that home and has plans to make his own Camping Trailer with it.

The grand prize was just picked up and it could not have gone to better home. There are a ton of people to thank on this including everyone who bought a chance to win. We sold 428 tickets total, not our goal but pretty darn good. Shaunna Thrane not Travis Thrane won the trailer. She wanted me to make perfectly clear. Both bought a ticket. They came an got the trailer today and it is in-tow to it's new home in the hill country. I have a feeling we will be seeing it around quite bit. The first planned trip is next weekend.

Congratulations everyone and thank you to everybody who help, supported and participated. You guys did an awesome job. As much work as it was, it all went to good use and was a lot of fun.


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