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Hi, My Name is Dan, I am the President of a small 501c3 Charity called Wheelers for the Wounded-Tx. Our main goal is to take active wounded out offloading and camping. Every year I try to come up with fun fundraiser to do. This year we are building a Roof Top Tent camping Trailer. I have built Trailers before, and campers. I had a Popup on 32" tires and I currently use the Stealth Cargo. You can find that build at

So here is the rough plan, We will be selling Sponsorships to help cover the costs. A 6"x6" square will run $100. It can be a business, a club, or a tribute/memorial for a loved one. We will be cutting these out of steel and they will be incorporated into the trailer. We are hoping to get every branch's seal donated as well. So far all we are missing is the Coast Guard. If anyone would like to help us with this let me know. Everything will go through Wheelers for the Wounded so there is accountability


Texas Four Wheel Drive Organization - Club
Jeep Republic - Club

Memorials / Tributes

David "Hoot" Higginbotham
PV2 US Army
Dec 1954 - Sept 2013

Niel Hepburn
Border Patrol Agent

Singletary Family
Port Arthur, Texas

Donated so far:
New 17" Wheels
3" channel steel for the base

We will need:
Good slightly used 33's or 35's
Roof Top tent
Material (TBA)
Anything good for camping that could go with the trailer
Truck side boxes

This is a the rough list.

This is a buddies, We are going for something similar.

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Just a question or maybe a suggestion. Why don't you build and raffle, you would raise more dollars and be able to help more.
Just a thought .
I work with wounded warriors out of miramar station myself


Yu mean in the end? Yes it will be raffled or auctioned off. Once we start gauging a feel for it we ill know which is better. Sometimes the auction does very well.


We picked up two HUGE Sponsors yesterday and we found a place willing to paint it for us, so really THREE!!!

Smittybilt and 4wheel Parts have always helped our charity and now they doing again. Thank you guys. This is a huge step for us in completing this.

Jeff's Paint and Body in Silsbee will be painting it. Hopefully we will have CAD plans for the build next week. Coming together!!!


Well it finally happened. This past Saturday six good friends and supporters came together to start the trailer build. Sanford Welding in Cleveland Texas donated their shop and gave us full run. I can't tell you how great and easy it is when you have the right tools to work with. By 10 am the build was under way. With only ideas in our heads the first pieces of steel where cut. 3" channel was cut for the main frame, squared and welded up.

I am going to hate giving this thing away. One of the nicest I have seen and going to be very well equipped.

The new shop motto is, and this will likely be on the trailer, "You better be sure you get it straight 'cause if you don't, It's goin' to be crooked." -Doug Folkens 11/2015 Thanks for little piece of advice Doug, I had no clue.

Good care, cleaning and welding was done to insure this will be one of the best trailers on the road.

The floor was then cut and tacked into place and the uprights welded in.

So has anybody every notice how hard it is to build a perfect square box. It is super easy to build a trapezoid. This.... IS A SQAURE BOX!

Time to get that front deck area. Expand steel run all the way up to the front of the tongue

Axle centered and mounted. Is there proper equation to get this in the right spot? 40%? We ran with the TLAR (That looks about right) theory. What do you know? We nailed it. Perfect tongue weight. By the time the front has a cooler on it it will have just enough to haul nice and straight.

Time to put her on her wheels.

What do you think Doug? Yeah, I know I wish mine was this nice too.

Best group pf guys in the world. :)

Sunday Scott and I got the door on and skinned. I really though this would have been one of the hard parts. Scotts experience was invaluable. Welding rods make perfect spacers.

The tent from Smittybilt should be here any day. Then it will be finish skinning it out, build the top, and paint and go CAMPING!!!!!


Well look what got dropped off today. Thank you Smittybilt for sponsoring this. We will be working on this again Saturday. If your in the Cleveland, Tx area and want to help, let me know.



Day 3 on the build. Had 5 volunteers helping this time. We got a lot done. Really going to hate giving this away but going to be cool to see it around out there.

Made a design change and put a big fold down door on the side without the box then started skinning it.

We got the front rack built and welded on. Then we started working on the roof.

We made it slightly domed so water would never pool in it.

Got the rails built for the Tent to sit on

We just had to see what it looked like. This is pretty nice tent. Had other to compare to and it very comparable to the other to more top line tents.



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Keep up the good work. The fold down shelf is a nice touch. That will be a good spot for cooking. Any plans to add a thin storage area behind the door?

Something like this, but not as deep. It would make for a great spot to keep your cooking supplies.


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