Charcoal storage bag


Let me second the Tidy Cat tub. I have a few of them that I use for different things around the campsite. I have one by the kitchen area with a white trash bag for trash. At night, I can snap the lid shut to, hopefully, keep out animals.


I would go with ATC stuff cause they make quality goods (tow strap throw bag) and they are a US company, but the Tidy Cat tub is a great idea. I see lots of them on CR for free also the drywall mud tubs work and the lid snaps tight, you might even find one on a construction site for free. Just ask at the contractor shack, not always a good idea to be roaming sites without permission.


Thanks for the tips, guys. I picked up a heavy-duty waterproof
dog food bag years ago for an insanely cheap price, now I know how to use it.