Chairs for men of substantial dimensions?


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I just test drive an ARB Air Locker chair at Blue Ridge Overland Gear and loved it. I sat in it for over an hour while shooting the ******** with Adam without issue. Good enough for me so I brought it home.
Some of the chairs ya'll mentioned might be better but I went with what I could test sit.
Thanks for all the responses. If the ARB gives any grief down the line I'll update this thread.


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I just bought a wide Kermit and took it out for Easter weekend. Good chair (I'm 6 foot, 250). Do order the oak version though. I bought the walnut version first and the bow under my legs snapped within 20 minutes of opening the box. The oak seems to be much more solid.

And, their customer service is simply awesome. Fixed me right up when I had the walnut problem. The drink holders are much more solid than they seem to be, and I recommend the "upgrade" case. Getting a Kermit into the standard bag is a serious PITA.


Here's some things I've noticed as a 240lbs guy who rooches (squirms) and can't sit still:

Sliding mechanisms suck. Any chair that has a piece that slides is going to inevitably get gunked up with grit, stop sliding, and be a **********.

The fewer parts the better. I've got a GCI Outdoor Low chair that has stood up to years of abuse. Mostly because it has two pivots and short tubing.

If you can't slouch in your camp chair, it's not comfortable enough. No one wants to sit at a campfire like a fine dining establishment.

The Yeti Hondo looks like the first actually reliable, sturdy, comfortable camp chair that combines elements of old reliable wooden folding chairs with newschool materials. It's just stupidly priced like all things Yeti.

I'm always surprised someone has made something like this out of metal:

Well, I can find some, but I have no idea how to purchase them.


I haven't tried the Alps King Kong, but I have 3 of the Camp Chairs they are rated to 425. Now that I know about the King Kong, I may get one.
I am 6' 330 - the problem withe Camp Chair is that it isn't compact when stored. It is like a heavy duty directors chair. But I leave one in my van all the time because if I go to a BBQ or such I am assured I have a suitable chair.

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After destroying a bunch of coleman and other camp chairs we got a couple Alps King Kong chairs. yeah, they do weigh more but they are REALLY tough and cumpfy for larger dudes. Priced pretty good too, especially for what you are getting. Zero fear of them breaking or folding under a heavy load. Teenage boys and fat drunk guys haven't broken them in 5 years.
6'1 and 260 so I picked Kelty Deluxe Lounger chairs for me. Had them for several years now with no issues other than fading and they pretty damn comfortable.

The chairs have a recline feature that I use every now and then, using it at the beach with no sand or rust issues thus far.

Their chair bag design is also unique and.a hell of a lot easier than most other designs.

Kelty also offers the same chairs in a lower to the ground option with mesh backs that i sagged in their loveseat model for the beach. Kids love it!

Bought 4 of the lounge chairs and a fifth love seat for less tha.the price of a Yeti Chair.

Pretty sure there are a few YouTube videos out there...

Good Luck!

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I'm 6'5" and 280 lbs. I have had a Coleman Max folding chair for a few years now. I think it is called the "Ultimate" now. It is a couple three inches taller than other, yet "regular" chairs of the same style. When folded it a longer and has more girth as well but I find it reasonably comfy and more compact than other tall and heavy duty chairs.
Nice part is it's only about $40 at Wally World.

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