Censorship on Expedition Portal?

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A long-running thread titled "Black Series Travel Trailers??" has disappeared from the Expedition Portal site. The Black Series company has a history (in Australia) of threatening legal action against websites that contain unfavorable material. Since some of the posts in "Black Series Travel Trailers??" were critical of their products, I have to wonder if the Expedition Portal has also been threatened with legal action.

The thread's URL ( https://expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/black-series-travel-trailers.194686 ) is now dead. The thread began in August 2018, and posts were made to this thread as late as May 18, 2019.

I urge the management of Expedition Portal to explain what happened to this thread.


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Sounds like someone struck a nerve. I had seem the "Black Series Travel Trailers" thread often after clicking on "New Posts", but didn't pay any attention since I didn't know who or what they are.


I have been on this fourm a long time and I bet one of the admins will let you know what happened to the thread. Most of the time when this crops up it turns out the person who started the thread deleted it.


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I read that thread and it was an angry thread of little value. I also contacted Black and was indeed impressed with their response. It is unfortunate that some on social media live to bash and get angry. Personally I wish the moderators would just block those individuals spreading the vile comments.


Personally I wish the moderators would just block those individuals spreading the vile comments.
I bet Moby1 the new co that started to do the same con wish the same thing

Brian McVickers

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Hi Everyone,
This is Brian McVickers with Expedition Portal.

The moderator team and administration recently received communication from the Original Poster and creator of the "Black Series Travel Trailers??" thread.
He asked us to help him to remove the thread from public view so he could meet a requirement related to a legal issue he is/was involved in.
Due to the legal nature of his need, we helped as we could by removing the thread.
Beyond this, we are not involved in, nor are we privy to any other detailed information regarding the matter.

We have received some complaints from members who posted within the thread and lost the information that they had posted. As we do remove threads occasionally, for a variety of reasons,
I recommend saving a copy of any text you post that is critical or valuable information to you.

Thank you for your understanding.



Excellent response and handling of the situation.

Perhaps even better, wipe all the posts, lock the thread and leave a stub with that explanation posted proactively so the tin hats don't freak out.

Dendy Jarrett

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I'll clarify that I cannot remember if it was the OP or not, but it was more than one person, and it involved a bulk majority of the thread. Removing all of those posts rendered the thread a gabbled mess of responses to posts that no longer existed.

Locking thread now.

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