cellphone samsung s3 vs. iphone 5s


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If there has been previous discussion and/or this is posted in the wrong place I apologize up front. Need to make a change from a blackberry (don't ask why i have it - long story).

However, my short list is the samsung galaxy s3 or 4 whatever the latest version is or the I phone 5s. Anyone that has used both can you provide some feedback as to which is better and why. I'm not married to either brand or device but need to purchase the new phone by end of the week.

Thanks in advance.


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My wife has the iphone and I have the s3. I'm a big fan of the android devices - mainly because I get more control with them v. only having what apple wants to have happen, happen.

I also like the larger screen on the s3, and being able to charge it through an inductive charger instead of plugging it in. Once you get used to being able to just set the phone down on a surface and have it charge it is hard to go back. :)


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Here's a video that directly compares the Galaxy S4 with the iPhone 5s. The conclusion is that the 5s runs benchmarks way faster, but in real life browser use, the two devices have very similar performance. The video is useful in showing how the two devices look side by side.

In my view, a lot of the decision hinges on the software environment you're used to using. If you have a Mac desktop or iPad, then the iPhone will fit in better. If you're a PC sort of person, then you'll probably like the Android environment.

Stay tuned for Apple's announcement later this month about new iPad models. I've read rumors that Apple will announce an iPad with 6 inch screen and cell phone capability.


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Thanks to both of you. Just getting our feet wet with the apple environment my wife has an ipad and i've just recently started using a Mac book. Still a PC based person for the most part. I pulled the trigger on the S4. We'll see how it goes. So far I like it.

Thanks again.

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