CDN m101 rust repair anyone?


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Found me my dream m101 Canadian a couple weeks ago; super solid and original, very clean, not beat to death. There is an area of concern-- on the outside, "passenger" front-- where there is some severe rust through in the external plate just ahead of the fender on the side.

The tub and sides inside are solid, but clearly something let water in on the outside somehow and ate thru the outside plate at the bottom, close to where it meets the frame. Frame looks clean in that area from below. Question is: anyone had anything like this and know how in depth the repair is? I'll prob have to turn it over to a pro as I havent welded anything in my life.


sent you PM re: emailing you a copy of the original M101CDN owner/user manual.

Can't help with the rust, but photos would help others assist.

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I'd be careful as they painted over that rust. what other rust did they paint over that you can't see? Not saying it's not good otherwise, but be careful.


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For sure; I scoured the thing all over upon seeing this area. Its all good otherwise.


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So what exactly do you want to know regarding the repair, a way to fix it, at least "kinda", at home on the cheap without welding or how much it's going to cost you for a professional to fix it?

First things first; find out how moisture got in between the panel (presuming that was the cause) and fix it so it won't happen all over.

At Home Cheap Fix: Define a border assuredly above the affected areas, probably follow the horizontal plane of the bottom of the panel with the white star on it, cut off the outside layer of skin. Then wire wheel and clean any remaining light corrosion on the lower frame there, fender, etc. Next, you have some choices. Make it useable or make it pretty and somewhat structurally sound. You could just caulk the gap between the remaining portions of the panels and repaint or you could cut a replacement panel, use an adhesion type caulk to bond it in place, rivet it back on, etc so it atleast resembles the original.

Professional Fix done right and pricey as well affordably: Get some quotes from a body shop, custom car shop, metal fabricating shop, etc (Likely going to be $300-500) or maybe just put an ad on craigslist for a welder who'd be willing to weld a patch panel in for you (you can trim away the affected metal, prep the rest and clean it all then trim out some sheet steel and have it all ready for a weekend welder to throw together for you. I'd imagine materials and an amateur welders work could all be done comfortably under $100.


I have the same trailer and had rust in the exact same spots. It's right where the body is welded to the frame and seems to be a weakness in the design. I just cut out the affected area and welded a patch back in. With some careful welding and grinding you can't even tell it's not original. I also had the trailer sand blasted to make sure I found all of the rust. Good luck these are great trailers.


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I was wondering who might have had a similar place for rust to pop up (on an otherwise solid trailer). And if so, what sort of repairs they might have done. I am curious how it might've started in the first place-- and resolve that first, before cutting/welding (which is what I intend to do.) Will pay special attention where the tub meets the frame.

Thanks all.