CB radio mounting help pics please.


I have very little knowledge of cb radios. I purchased a, 18' RG-58/U Coaxial Cable With Pl-259 Connectors, 3' FIRESTICK II TUNABLE TIP BLACK, and Firestik SS-3H Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Antenna Spring. I have no idea how to hook this stuff up or where to put it. I was thinking of putting the antenna on the front of the bumper that way it is lower and wont smash into the garage door. I also need a cb radio as well. I just want the least expensive compact unit i can get. What features are good or are nice. I would also like to see pics of how you all mounted your radios. I did search but you can't search "cb" it's to short. Blessings.


I would use the BAMF mount fir the antena.


Many people use the compact Cobra unit. Mount the unit under your seat and control everything from the handset.

Pretty much all the CB's are the same power. Once you have everything it's pretty simple to hook up. Screw antena into the back of the unit, plug in mic, add power then go make your breaker, breaker, good buddy contact...


I kind of went full retard with mine. lol

Still not done yet, I have a few more things to mount.

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Went from double DIN factory stereo to single DIN stereo and used the extra DIN for HAM 2M. Removed ash tray and slid in Uniden (low cost)CB in its place. Not a Cobra but for trail talk its perfect.



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As I've said before, I'm very happy with my Midland 75-822. The great thing about the midland is that there is no "installation" at all. You attach the "pigtail" to the bottom of the radio, it has a 12v power plug that goes into a power socket, and a PL-259 connector that goes to an antenna. Plug in the power, plug in the antenna, and talk. That's it. The entire unit is contained in the handset and it has all the usual features like the 7 (or maybe 9?) band WX channels, channel 9 priority, scan ability, etc. Super easy to use, easy to set up, and decent quality. I've been using the same one since 2007 and it's always worked for me.

As for the antenna, just remember that mounting the antenna to the bumper gives a pretty poor ground plane. Might work for short distances but you could have trouble getting a signal out. If you're concerned about parking in a garage (and I am, too), you could go with a mag-mount on the center of the roof. Not pretty but it works.


I'm leaning towards a bed mount at this point. The Firestik plastic molded M2. I just don't know how to hook everything up. I think I need more parts. What goes where? I purchased a, 18' RG-58/U Coaxial Cable With Pl-259 Connectors, 3' FIRESTICK II TUNABLE TIP BLACK, and Firestik SS-3H Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Antenna Spring. I know I need the mount but there is a Fire ring cable. Do i need that and where does it hook up?


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This is how I installed mine. Speaker is on bottom of unit so it works great. I made it so that it could be removed easily but I found that the location is perfect because it is easy access and not in the way ever so no need to remove when not using. You can see temp gauge and use rear view with not obstruction.


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