CB Radio install in a 2500 Dodge


I haven't used a CB radio in over 30 years. But every once in a while I'm with a group of folks and they do use CB to communicate on the trail. So I did some research and picked up a Cobra 75WXST compact, "All In The Handset" CB unit from Amazon.com. I also ordered a 4' FireStik II CB antenna and a stainless steel trunk lip mount.

The Cobra 75WXST is extremely highly rated by all the internet CB forums and seems to be the "GoTo" unit for jeep folks.

The Cobra unit comes in two pieces. The handset and the underdash connection unit.

First I needed to mount the antennas. Since I carry a pickup truck camper, I needed to mount the antenna somewhere up front. The stainless steel hood/truck mount bracket was not the correct profile, so I used my welding torch to heat it up and reconfigure it. It then easily mounted under an existing bolt under the hood and on the left fender.

I then connected the coax cable to the antenna. I purchased an 18' cable and you should not cut the cable. If there is any extra simply loosely stuff it up under the dash. Do not wrap it in a nice neat ball. This will creat a "choke" and negatively affect performance.

The remote module was simply wire-tied under the dash and connected to a 12V + and - feed.

The handset was mounted to the included clip on the dash.

You simply can't have enough "Farkles" on your dash!

All the while I was doing this install, this wild goose hung around and kept tapping me on the legs while I worked! (Easter dinner is coming! He better be have!)

Oh, I also ordered an SWR meter when I ordered the CB Radio. You must match the antenna to the radio if you expect to get great transmit and receive performance. Very inexpensive meter and easy to use.



Looks a good setup ; ) and if it does whst you want and how you want it then so be it.

Did your two legged freind want feeding ;)