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I'm in Old Town Fort Collins, and I'm pretty sure this guy lives right down the street. I've seen him working on one of these campers out in his driveway as I drove by. I might have to stop by one of these afternoons and say hi. From a quick glance they certainly are beautiful!


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I went through the CT website prose. reminded me of the wordsmithing used in real estate advertising.

probably doesn't weigh too much because there doesn't appear to be any systems in place.


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In the tiny house article it says it is 910 lbs as pictured (with no water or power systems I suspect)...

I do like the way they look... kinda hard to ruin the lines of the roof with a solar module though... also no roof vent?


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Western cedar is a very lightweight wood that weathers very slowly. It just looks heavy.
I used cedar fence planks with stainless steel hardware for my stake sides on little Bradley55. You can lift the sides out with one hand (if you lift in the center).

As far as the C.T. wooden camper goes, it's not my cup of dish. I like the 'artsy' nature of the concept, but without well thought out interior support accoutrements of a full-featured camper, it's a non-starter for me. This is one case where it looks like function follows form. During our upcoming trip around the U.S. i cannot imagine spending 120 nights in this. Is there enough headroom for a 6'4" man to stand upright?
If they are selling these, there must be a market for them. It does have that organic look and maybe the Burning Man crowd will like it.
regards, as always, jefe
quote: As far as the C.T. wooden camper goes, it's not my cup of dish. " .

mine neither, not my bottle of tea.
in the 70's i was a child and the relics of a bygone era were being dragged out of retirement and the back-to-the- earthers; hippies fleeing post kesey sanfrancisco would cobble together some form of cedar wood structure on the bones of an old farm truck/ school bus and head out for the cheap living in the woods of oregon. it was always a bit seedy, unkempt, and a-kilter. i never got over that and the loathing my father had for that ilk to this day causes an instinctive recoil from these little beauties. when there is little basis for such, logically speaking.

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