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Has anyone tried the Carhartt Duck seat covers in a JK? I was wondering about fit and also about how breathable they are. I have previously tried the Duluth Trading fire hose seat covers and they have a laminated underside that made them very hot, like make you sweat even when it isn't hot out.

I have had many pairs of Carhartt heavy canvas duck and think it would be good seat cover material if it fits the seats well.

If you have not used either of these two, what have you used that you like? I have cloth seats and live in the Southeast where it is hot and humid. Thanks!
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Another option is the SmittyBuilt seat covers. They come come with the MOLLE webbing and I have actually found that to be pretty handy.

They don't get nearly as hot as you would think and they look good too. I have had mine for about two years now. I actually started with the RC neoprene covers and they would get so hot in the summer it was making my lower back and butt hurt!

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I appreciate all the feedback: will probably pull the trigger on the Carhartt's as I dont really have a use for the MOLLE webbing (the wife and I hang our 'go bags' on the seat backs, in case of a quick exit from an urban or wilderness setting). Thanks, fellows.


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I actually have a couple of the onetigris molle seat back covers on the back of my front seats. Works well with the carhartt.

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I was actually considering these as well. Has anyone had experience using them on leather seats?