Cargo Rack Generator Carrier Build!


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When I'm traveling in my van for work I boondock most of the time. Last year I used a window mounted A/C unit.

Since then, I built out the interior and the bed is right where the window unit would sit and I can't use that setup anymore. So I went ahead and picked up a Dometic Penguin 2 rooftop unit. I haven't installed it yet, but here it is. I also have a soft start for it that way it can run off my small generator.

My generator is the Ryobi 2300 BT. Since I just purchased a UJOR front bumper, I will have a front receiver hitch. I want to build a generator rack that would house the generator, and have a larger fuel tank on top. Then I could add a extended run fuel cap, and then find some way to plumb a fuel line from a fuel tank, like a outboard tank to the generator.

When I was looking for fuel tanks, I saw that they sell spare 5 gallon fuel tanks for generators. I ordered one.

Here's the plan, get a cheapo cargo carrier from HF, cut it down. Then build a frame that will hold the fuel tank on top, and add aluminum panels on the front and sides.

I can still crank the generator from the backside, and have more than a 8 hour run time with the extra tank. And it would be harder to steal because everything will be bolted together inside of that box.

When I'm not using it, I can put it behind the van on the regular hitch receiver. Then when I stop, switch it to the front of the van, that way the generator noise isn't right by my head while I'm sleeping.

I'm also going to extend the 120v inlet from the rear of the van to the front.

Cargo carrier I'm buying. $49 from HF:

Extended run fuel cap:



Moving it back and forth sounds like a big pita. That gen isnt very big, you could just have it up front all the time. Wont block your lights and the air flow issues should be ok accept in special situations like slower high heat up hill.

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Door blockage, departure angle, moving it back and forth... Carrying it in the back sounds like a PITA. mounted up front on a narrow carrier with an upward offset may work better. What generator are you using?

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I bought that exact carrier! I'm using a Ryobi 2300. I'll be keeping in the front of my van the entire time.

Here's where I'm at so far:

Carrier put together. I'll be hacking it up soon. The carrier is 48" wide and my generator and fuel tank are 24" wide. I'll cut it to width and then weld everything together instead of bolting it all up again.

With aux tank. You can see the generator under the table: