Cargo Box and Dutch Oven Tripod For Sale


Both of these items are located in Prescott, AZ. I can ship the tripod, but definitely pick-up only for the roof rack.

Dutch Oven Tripod - $25 - Brand new, never been used. My parents gave it to me and it's been sitting in a closet for two years. I have never used it nor do I see myself using it. It is the Tall Boy version (36") and retails from Cabela's at $40

Roof Rack Cage - $50 - This box has been from Arizona to Alaska and back, as well as up to Washington and back. It began its life as a contractor roof rack from a yard sale, and after finding that it didn't fit my truck :oops: I decided to chop it up and reuse the square steel tubing as a roof box for a couple of rafts that I was driving to AK. All of the structural welds are solid, however the steel mesh grating rattles quite a bit (mostly unavoidable) on gravel roads. It measures 57"Lx33"Wx8"H and weighs somewhere around 65 lbs. It has some minor surface rust and probably a new coat of paint (or powdercoat if you're looking to get spendy), but having lived in AZ for most of its life, the paint is more sun-damaged than anything. The fork bike mounts will be removed before the sale and are not included.

Despite the stickers, it's definitely not a Thule rack...they were free and I thought it would be funny. I got a bunch of questions from people in campgrounds about where it came from and that they didn't know Thule made a rack like that...:sombrero:

PM or email at westhowland at gmail dot com


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