Cargo Baskets - Show me how you secure your load!


Rendezvous Conspirator
Those look great for larger baskets. I need something in the 2' x 4-4.5' range. Their ATV/Quad net is too short, and their other stuff is too big.

Given how popular the hitch-mount cargo baskets are in general, it's weird that finding a net sized for that application is so hard without going ridiculously over-kill. I've found a couple nets that are, as you say, bombproof, with 2" webbing and forged corner rings, etc., but they're still a little over-large. The closest actual cargo net I've found is an older Safari Straps 47"x32" 2" net. Apparently they don't make it any more, but I bought one for internal cargo a while back so I used it on the roof a couple times. With a lightly loaded basket, it was hard to get it secure since it's quite a bit wider than needed (I had to strap down to the outside lower corners to even get it close to tight and it was less than ideal.)

For now, my $25 minitruck tailgate net is actually working the best because it's the closest match in size for the basket - I can get it tightly stretched over the basket right to the corners which keeps it from moving around.