Cargo Baskets - Show me how you secure your load!


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Just thinking here but maybe check around surplus places in your area and you might get lucky. I've seen the security mesh used on wheeled carts before at stores (the one I'm thinking of specifically had fur coats in it at a store). I've also seen them as curtains at stores in the mall (malls are still a thing overseas) and what's called architectural mesh that was decorative as well as functional to along stairs (I guess to keep kids from falling through them). Maybe give a company like this one a call and see if they have any leftover pieces? The Chinese will be happy to sell you some at $24/ft^2, no idea on shipping fees.

Even if you just made a flat sheet of the stuff like NatersXJ6 suggested (here's 100' of 1/8" stainless cable: that you could use to make some like in the link) you could run one of the ratcheting security straps around it to tighten it down. The kind with the steel cable in them to prevent them being easily cut. I've never tried them but here are some examples:

I wove a small fishing net before (Boy Scout project many moons ago) and would think you could do something like that with thinner flexible cable. Maybe? Probably be easier to use the barrel clamps.

As for the Pacsafe, I was just thinking you could stick your stuff in a duffel and stick the duffel in the Pacsafe. I've done that with my North Face Base Camp Duffels before. I've got two of the Pacsafes, one for a smaller pack and one for a larger size. They put them on sale periodically.


Look for the Packasport brand cargo carriers. While they tend to be long, they have a very wide version and they are low profile and rear opening. However, they are also the most expensive rooftop cargo carriers out there. You might find one on Craigslist that the seller doesn’t know what it is, or from a yard sale. But that could take years.

An alternative, get two low profile rear hitch carriers and flip one upside down. Hinge them together and lock them. Maybe line them with the expanded steel mesh like on elevated industrial walkways. Or fabricate a lid with steel or aluminum tubing for your existing rooftop unit and line them with expanded metal. Could go with all aluminum for a weight saving option, but that’s going to expensive.