Car Insurance with Truck Campers


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I'm new to this forum and I'm so glad I found it. I hope it will help me answer some of my questions about how to start out with a truck camper. I'm looking to get a 4x4 Ford F150 3.5L Ecoboost and put a slide in pop-up camper on it. I run into a wall about how insurance works with this set-up. Ford Towing Manual says I can't put a camper on that truck since the truck doesn't have a "heavy duty payload package" even though my camper would be below the max payload of the truck. What is your experience with car insurance for your rig? Also how do you deal with insurance when you install modifications like air bags and suspension?

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I insure the truck as a standard truck. Any modifications to it + the camper I self-insure.

Pay the money into your savings account instead of the insurance company. You will come out way ahead in the long run.


Each state has their own insurence commision. In Ca. I haul a Lance 1172 and must insure it separately from my truck. many people falsely assume whatever they haul in their bed is automatically covered by their truck insurence. Not in California.

As for being insured for any and all alterations, upgrades, fastguns, airbags or other suspension upgrades its simular to highly modifying any other vehicle.

Anotherwards, if I were to suffer a total loss on my 2012 Jeep, My insurence would only pay out what my vehicle worth is, my $1500 Warn Winch other goodies would be a loss.

There are complete replacement policies, but, they are very spendy and I cannot afford such. In Calif. one cannot over insure either.

I would take this up with your insurence provider and have him give you a quote before putting all this together. I never buy any new anything without investigating insurence coverage and cost. Insurence rules, procedures, and laws change constantly.

Hope this helped.

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I also live in Cal and have 2 policies - Truck & Camper. If I were to experience a total loss they use local market value as a guideline for a pay out. It's like 100 bucks a year for the camper and totally worth it in my opinion. the camper is a 2000 Alaskan. I use AAA


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Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback. Looks like calling the insurance company first before acquiring the truck is what's to be done next. All I hope is that they got ok waiting music on their phone tree....


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I use USAA. I tried to insure my car hauler several years ago, and they told me that anything being hauled or towed by the truck is covered by the truck's policy and that I did not need separate insurance. I still got separate insurance for the trailer, as my storage place required it. Cost me 11 bucks a year.

Moral of the story: YMMV. Check with your insurance provider, or shop around.


I would check with your insurance company.

I also have USAA. For my insurance while pulling campers my liability would extend to the camper, but not my comprehensive or collision. Since my trailer was considered a vehicle it would not be covered under my homeowner's policy unless it stored under lock and key the same as vehicles that I would be restoring.

I have a loan on my camper so I was required to get insurance specifically for the camper.

My Jeep all the permanent modification attached to it are covered under my vehicle insurance and I don't need specific insurance for items such as my winch or other upgrades.

I would bet that even with the same insurance coverage and laws could vary state to state.
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