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How's it going everyone. Thought I'd share a couple photos from a "recent" trip to Canyonlands where myself, Miniorf and his custom Tacoma, and friend Cam traveled the white rim road. We did the trip over three days, taking our time to enjoy the scenery!

We rode the trail from west to east in February and the weather was almost perfect. About 60 during the day and about 30 at night.. A little chilly without the proper bag, but hey we didnt see but two people the entire time. Im going to just post a bunch of photos of the trip. I shot mostly film on my 35mm and hasselblad if you were curious.

Day 1, about an hour into the ride we stopped for lunch.

A few hours later we reached our campsite at Hogback for the night just out of view of this shot. both of these shot on hasselblad.

6 second long exposure on 35mm of the steeds. old and new

The next morning coffee and look out to what we had ridden into at dusk. The back of Judd's (miniorf) camper is pretty incredible. That first night we all three slept inside, it was tight but we somehow all fit and were kept warm.

Judd cooking up some breakfast with leftover bison steak grease. Probably the best breakfast burrito weve ever had. As you can see he really dialed in the interior of his camper and it was heavily influenced by his nautical background. Shot on 35mm with portra160

Judd taking in quite a view at Whitecrack, about halfway through the trip.

Cam putting his two stroke to use. slide film.

Judd taking some time on the back as a change from driving the Taco.

A photo of myself. We found this natural quarter pipe right after I dumped my 33 year old honda XR350 for the first time of the trip, broke my clutch mount clean through but couldnt help ride up this thing a few times, cable holding the handle on enough to make it work.

Long Exposure on 35mm with my 100-400mm lens.

This one was a digital on my sony A7S, long exposure of about 3 seconds. I decided instead of cramming into the truck this night that Id lay out the tarp and sleep on that. dipped just below 30 but I was decently warm in my 15 degree bag.

Because Shaeffer trail was closed due to Ice we had to go the long way around. Cant remember the name of this road that took back to Mineral Bottom road where we camped, might have been long canyon though. But here's my ol XR, bought this thing for 900 bucks, hadnt run for 10 years, drained the gas and put some new in and she started right up, havent touched it since and didnt have much time to do a full overhaul before the trip, just an oil change, tightened the spokes, chain, lube et. but low and behold she started everytime, even if it smokes like a sun of a gun at first, and made it through the whole trip. Would have been a rough one if either bike broke down because we didnt have a hitch carrier for emergencies.

But we all made it out and headed into town for some Mexican food feeling more tired than we ever imagined. Highly recommend this trip if you havent done it.
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Looks like fun...but was the air really that hazy? In that one shot of your friend sitting on the cliff the air looks like Los Angeles. :(


Thanks for the replies guys!

Looks like fun...but was the air really that hazy? In that one shot of your friend sitting on the cliff the air looks like Los Angeles. :(
You know the air wasn't all that hazy but maybe a little more than normal. Could have been a fire elsewhere or just a bit windy? The photo does make it look hazy though.

jrob. Thanks for the comment, definitley the hero shot, we rode this one back and forth a few times snapping frames. Too good to pass up!

Skrillah, Totally agree with you, I tend to only get inspiration from film and not so much digital, it brings out more in the photos I think. Im glad you guys enjoyed them.


Good to see an Old XR350 still out in the wild. I had one years ago............if I dumped it while hot it would really make me work for it to get going again. By the time it fired I was usually stripped down to my tshirt and sweating. My right leg is twitching just looking at the pics.


love me some white rim! nice report....

the haze is just the atmosphere or something when you are able to see out dozens of miles like that. it's hard to get a good photo, gotta be some filters one could use. I just know when I went down the Grand or done White Rim too, the distance shots often turn out like that. Probably some camera trick I don't know either.

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Great Report - Love the pictures

Boll Rig, I really enjoyed reading this report and the pictures were awesome. Also love seeing your old XR, what a great bike. I ride an older XR400 and love it.

About the haze that a few people mentioned, it is very likely emissions from the Hunter and Huntington coal-fired power plants in Emery County. I read an article a little while back that noted that the area's prevailing winds tend to blow emissions from these power plants south into Utah's national parks. Apparently the EPA says that the haze affects these parks more than 300 days a year!

Here's a link to the article that I read. Pretty interesting read regardless of where you stand on the issue.

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