Canter truck bits for sale


4WDaus "tralia"
Hi all
Does anyone know the guidelines for posting the for sale of bits and piece on here? I must admit I am not sure.


Expedition Leader
Numerous people have listed products for sale here in the past, but I don't really think that this is "technically" appropriate, given that there is a specific For Sale and Wanted area on the Expo forum.

I would think that creating a post in that area would be more appropriate, but I see no reason why you could not create another post here with pictures and just link to the for sale area where you can specify the prices for items you are selling.
Well, that's my take on it...

Aussie Iron

My idea is post it here as it Canter related and probably not of interest to anyone else. I for one don't go and look at the for sale section because there is nothing that is of interest to me there.