Can't get to the driver side rear cam seal on my gen 2.5


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What's the trick to getting to the driver side rear cam seal for the 3.5 SOHC? The passenger side was easy enough but I can't do the driver side. I can feel both bolts but I haven't been able to get two hands or a long ratchet in there. I'm having a hard time picturing getting the plug back on once I do eventually get it off. I've tried a 14 inch flex head ratchet and I'll probably try something like this next.


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Ratcheting wrenches are what I used if I recall. Just be sure to reinstall correctly or you may crack/break the ear on the round aluminum piece, put a dab of grease on the seal to help it slide in easier.


Yeah,,, the Driver side is close to the firewall making access a bit more difficult.
Definitely try the ratcheting wrench or a 1/4" ratchet and short socket.
Naturally they are factory tight.
Once the bolts are out,, spray that plate w/ WD40 on PB Blaster to aid the removal process as it will likely be a little gunky film inside. Clean/ new O-ring w/ a smear of grease and install. Tighten snugly! ! 👍
Keep us posted. G.

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There is only two bolts, but I think it comes out with a half twist or something like that. I can't remember specifically, other than that is about the only time the FSM says to use gasket gunk . In fact, i don't remember there being a seal, as in a replaceable gasket seal, on that part. I am pretty sure my gasket kit came with two, but it would only fit the passenger side, not the driver side with the sensor cap.


For sure though there are only the two bolts, don't be confused by the smaller coolant pipe bolt right below it:



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I finally got the bolts loose with a 14 inch flex head ratchet and a 12 point socket. I was just about to pull the plug out when I decided I should probably get the replacement seal ready to go. Well, it turns out I lost it. Oh well. Another week went by and the replacement came in. Several pairs of shredded gloves and 2 very red forearms later, the new seal is in. At least the reinstallation went pretty smoothly. This is probably the first time in life that I'd wished I was smaller. My hands and forearms were on the verge of not fitting back there.

I'm really looking forward to not smelling burnt oil anymore.