Can't find what I want so the build begins.


Are you really going that tall with the bed? :Wow1:
From the looks of the pics of the camper on the Nissan it looks like he may have to so it can clear the roof of the Ford with its taller cab. Im guessing hes going to put tool boxes in the gaps that would normally be filled by the Nissans fenders and bedsides when its on the Ford.


Yes I am going that tall. Darkrider explained it pretty well.
I will still be less than 11' to the top of the coach And I will have plenty of tire clearance for articulation.
I will be extending the width of the cabin floor and step in by skinning the gap between the coach and deck ( same width ) to form 8' storage bays on each side of the coach.
As the chassis of the coach is steel it allows for such modifications without disturbing the skin.
I will post pics as I progress with the truck build and the coach conversion from a slide in to a flat bed .
Today I managed to get all of the welding on the flatbed done and even got the frame painted.
I then started fabrication of the new external gray water tank and external battery tray. This will free up some more internal storage.
I must admit that the Ford changes the entire aspect of the build.
It's nice to have a bit more room.
It will be much more useful as it will haul the coach and have the ability to tow a decent load at the same time.
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Pics as promised :
You can see where the 12000lb Warren winch will be fitted above the hitch.

This is the topper from the Nissan for scale.

The new gray water tank . Bomb proof......
No loss of ground clearance.

Started the skinning process yesterday .
3/16" polished diamond plate covers the rear . The side panels will be the same raw aluminum that was used on the coach with diamond plate doors and hatches.
Pics to fallow.
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As promised:


The stairs will be mounted on a slide out through the LARGE GAPPING HOLE in the rear of the bed . Then covered with a door.


Well let's see . Got the bed material cut and treated yesterday .
Lights are wired as are the isolation and charging system .
Added the battery box .
The nylon strap will be replaced with a steel hasp and lock....

The wife ( brunette ) pulled her out in the sun to play hay ride.
I think it was an excuse to have a seat in the sun with her beer...


Once the new tanks are mounted and plumbed in I will mount the lumber then slide the truck under the coach.
Things are starting to get exciting...


Well got the truck all buttoned up and ready for the coach today. She made her trip to DMV and is now legal.
The coach will be installed on Monday.
I added a bit of bling that every hunter needs.


It actually works pretty well. I was surprised.

I still have a bunch of work to do but at least the truck is ready to be converted into expedition rig now.

The list:
1998 Chevy Silverado bench seat.
Helwig adjustable over loader rear springs.
Helwig 1 1/8" rear sway bar.
Procomp 9000 Shocks.
Full bushing kit.
New front 19 gal fuel tank , sender and pump.
New rear 20 gal fuel tank , sender and pump.
New filters throughout.
New injectors.
New clutch throw out and pressure plate .
New slave and master cylinder.
Power steering cooler.
new bed ( the obvious )
New stereo and navigation system.
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Expedition Leader
Super awesome build - congrats! I had a couple of those Nissans as my forst cars and the front ends on them are very weak and sloppy. You definitely made the right call with the Ford. Congrats!

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The weather was so nice Saturday that I decided to go ahead and slide the coach onto the flat bed.


The rig looks kind of naked at this point. Should improve once the skirts and storage lockers are installed.
The camper will be slid to the rear of the bed then bolted down .
Rig drives really well .


Today was a good day.
Managed to get the skirts fabed up and installed.
The Ford is starting to come together.
Probably won't have the doors done until next week , Business and family take persistence .
I figure 12 - 16 more hours and it's a done deal.

Gotta paint the entry door, it's killing me.


I managed to get the doors roughed in yesterday . A bit of finishing and they should do the job well.
Then on to the list of small tasks just to get her finished up.
I'm planning a shake down trip for next weekend.
Should be fun.


Managed to get the cargo bays buttoned up yesterday. They should work well.
I spent the rest of the day finishing up a few of the many items on my punch list.
Not done yet but it is now a functioning RV.
My wife and I are going to take the thing up into the woods today for a short test run .
Should be enlightening.....


A very important fixture...

Shore power :

The wife dig's all of the added storage.

Still have to get the door painted.

LED back up lights:
Fallowing to close with your high beams on may be challenging.....
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We loaded out the rig with our gear and the dog Sunday then took a drive.
Needed to see how the rig drives when it is loaded.
We had a good day . Truck drives really well.
I still have a tone of smalls to accomplish but she is nearly ready.
We are planning our first trip for next weekend.

It's amazing all of the gear that can be carried in the external lockers.