Can't find what I want so the build begins.


The skinning begins....


After receiving the quote from All Rite I damn near had an embolism. $1800 for 60' .020 aluminum roofing + $195 for the shipping role.....
Needles to say, it was time to step back and punt.
One nice thing about building your own coach from scratch is the ability to change the design.
We are now skinning with .040 x 5 x 8 aluminum sheathing. A bit heavier ( 45 lbs ) but easier to work with and much stronger.
$635 for 10-5x8 x .040 sheets + 1-16ga. x 4x8 sheet of diamond plate for the doors.


Looking really great. What type of adhesive did you use for the skin to the frame? Approximately what are your materials cost(not including appliances)?

thanks, Brian

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I'm using SCS 1000 adhesive at the pass trough's , seams and edges only. The rest of the skin floats for expansion.( Walls )
The roof is a different story .
Aluminum 1/8 x 1/4" marine rivets 6" on center at every truss . Drilled , then dipped in SCS1000 then shot. A tedious process.






I haven't audited the build yet.
I never do until I'm finished.
But I do know that it falls between $2500 and $3000. For the entire coach including appliances , jacks, fixtures and tanks.
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Oh crap . I ran across this today



1990 Ford F-250 Lariat, 104,000 mile small block 5 speed bob tail. Came with a factory tow pack , Helwig overloads , Helwig rear sway bar, Battery isolation system and at $1200 I decided to change my plans yet again.
I think the Ford will look better under the coach . Payload won't be an issue any more.
Will be shooting for a direct to frame mount. No flat bed. The camper will be removable ( for insurance purposes only ) . I will need to add a set of 5 1/2" rails on top of the truck frame to accommodate the camper.
Lots of ways I can go here . I'm considering a large 8' drawer under the camper for rod storage. Can you say basement model?
I will then add storage boxes where I can . This will help create the fender wells.
The story is that the truck was involved in an altercation with a falling tree. The tree took out a northern light camper and the truck bed.
As the truck was parked for the winter it was un insured.....:Wow1: So no branded title ....:wings: WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!! Let this be a lesson. ALLWAYS insure your rig or mother nature will find you.
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Welllllllll. The cab and chassis will be delivered to my yard today.
I'm glad I started the build with an import in mind for the foundation of the over all rig.
Forced me to keep the design light.
I am also glad that I will now be able to plant the coach on a 3/4 ton Ford chassis.
The added GVRW and power that the bobtail Ford adds to the mix will allow me to tow my toy hauler while carrying the camper and still be legal.
It will be interesting to see what the rig crosses the scale at .
The coach is rapidly approaching the 1000 lb threshold and I still haven't trimmed out the exterior or added the lpg tank.
I'm not sure what the truck weighs minus it's bed and rear bumper.
I may still mount the coach on the Nissan OCATIONALLY when gas mileage and or driving comfort is an issue.
I think I'm still looking for an excuse to build the little bastard. I was looking forward to it.
I got the last of the skin installed yesterday ( no pics) it was a busy day.
I'll add them later.
Time for the final fit out and then the launching party...


The promised pics:


This one should provide some scale. The lovely wife....


The bobtail was delivered to the shop yesterday.



It's going to be fun to build up a Ford for fun rather than for work for a change.
I've built ton's of Ford work trucks over the years but never a Ford Wheeler.
I always considered them to large for the type of wheeling my friends, clients and I do.
I guess I just had to find the right use.
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Got a bunch of things buttoned up over the past few days.
I'm pretty sure that she will be moving up to the house by Tuesday.
Then on to the Ford......



Well here ya go.
Loaded up the camper on the Nissan today and brought her up to the house.
The scales at the shop put her at 1027.8 lbs dry . That's without a propane tank installed . Damn thing hasn't arrived yet.
The truck handles well . But would never be able to tow a trailer with the load. Therein lies the reason for the Ford....
A good day.......


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]We got the Ford into the shop yesterday.
Time for a bit of a flatbed conversion...

Thanks to help from Andy it went very smooth.
Bed is 8'6x6'4" . Should be just the ticket for the coach and a bunch of extra storage .