Can't find what I want so the build begins.


Well we now have a floor , 2 layers of 3/8 ply and a layer of 1" R-tech sandwiched between and the beginnings of walls.
This is the fun part.....
Can ya tell I have done this before?








Should get the Walls skinned by tomorrow night if all goes well.
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I guess I should explain what was used to treat the steel prier to skinning.
I sprayed the chassis with cold galvanizing compound and then a coat of etching primer.
I plan on taping over all of the chassis seams with gorilla tape once the insulation is installed. This will serve 2 purposes.
1- the obvious , it is required to bat ridged insulation to prevent drafts.
2- it will serve as a gasket between the steel and the aluminum skin.
I thought about spraying the inside of the inner panels with Rhino Liner .
I then thought better of it as there is no data on it being used in a living space .
I don't want to go through all of this work just to end up with an un livable box.
Shellac ( Helmsman ) will have to do.


Got all of the appliances and drawers fit today .
A major milestone...... Damn fridge is heavy.
I can now focus on dressing up the cabinets , restoring the appliances ( basic re - paint ) , plumbing and wiring.
In case you are wondering why the bunk aria is being ignored . It is the only opening large enough to bring the fridge through.
Once the cabin is completed and appliances final fit I will move on to the bunk room.





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I'm using a small Lincoln 175 with .030 hard wire and 75/25 argon mix. It's a great welder for light metals.
I took the day off today out of sheer exhaustion.
Starting to look into fabrics and color options for the interior.
Now the wife comes in to play.
She spent the morning at the shop while I slept in.
She claimed she was figuring color schemes and measuring for fabrics......
I think she was just sitting in the camper dreaming of future adventures.
I'm planning to finish up the cabinets tomorrow .Hopefully will be wiring and plumbing by the week end.
Thanks for all the encouragement guys. It means allot.


Nearly finished with the cabs.
There taking a lot longer than I thought.
The driver side is ready for final skin. Now I just have too do the passenger side .... Ugh.


I'm impressed, with both the job your doing, and also the speed at which your getting it done. I'm curious if you're weighing items as they go in. What is your weight goal?


Yes everything was and is being weighed as things progress .
I'm attempting to stay under 1000 lbs dry. So far I'm at 627lbs.
As most of the heavier components are already on board, I think I'll be just about there.
Finished up the cabs today . Will start plumbing , wiring and lighting systems on Monday.



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Now a question : What are your feelings about catalytic heaters?
I ask because the heating plant I have is a rather large Duotherm unit. It's old and ( I'm guessing ) fairly inefficient.
I'd like to save the space , weight and energy consumption of the forced air unit's but have very limited experience with the catalytic heaters.
Any help would be greatly appreciated .....


I Didn't have a bunch of time yesterday to spend at the shop.
Rather than starting the plumbing and wiring process , I decided this would be a good time to test fit the rear door.
I'm glad I did. I had a few issues..... Rear lower cabinet door will now be an access panel ( no hinges ). Closet door will now be 1.5" narrower.
After a bit of fudging I managed to get the door to close with a click...
Today it's off to Portland on a small business trip .
After my meeting I will be hooking up with a guy who has a plethora of camper parts. Hopefully a furnace and water tank that will fit my needs.
I'm looking forward to rooting through his barn......