Hey everyone,

I've been into photography since I was a kid, I love taking pictures, and I just cant stop doing it.

Right now, Im usually snapping pictures with a GE 14.1 Mega pixel X5, similar to this:
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I've been considering stepping it up to a DSLR, but I honestly dont know a whole lot about them. I've used em before, and like the "manual touch" I have using one. I was at Office Depot last night and stumbled onto a Canon EOS Rebel T3 they have on special, and I kinda want to get it. the base camera kit has the camera body and a 17(?)-85mm lens for $549 and with a 75 to 300mm lens for $649.

Any opinions on this camera, or any other you think would be approriate would be greatly appreciated.



Kit lenses

$549 is about the going price for a 17-85 lens alone. Most of the Rebel's I've seen have included an 18-55 as the kit lens. The 17-85 would be a terrific selling point. As far as the camera itself, The glass seems to be more important than the body. I'm still perfectly happy shooting an EOS 30D, released over 5 years ago. Good luck with your entry into the DSLR world!


That is a really great deal. Snatch it up! I have the T2i that I bought last summer and I just love it. It's the same as the T3i but does not have the flippy view finder.