Can I use a hitch mounted motorcycle carrier on an OME lifted wj?


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First post!

I'm the proud new owner of a 2002 Grand Cherokee with a 3" lift mainly due to OME springs. It also has an Aussie locker in the back and bilstein dampening.

I've already got a big, 150 mile trip planned in a week. I'm wanting to carry my bike down but I'm just not sure if the lift will work to support a 250 lb or so bike. Anyone done this before?

Thanks all!


I would think you would be fine. I haven't personally done it, but OME is known for ride quality/stability.

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OME generally makes there stuff to carry load and be able to tow(or at least not hinder stock performance). 250lbs tongue weight is not bad at all for a lightweight trailer so that should not be an issue. Will probably sag a little under an inch or so.


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Thanks all, I took the WJ out this weekend and the OME springs did fine, in fact, with my 260lb or so DR-350 on the back, I think the ride was improved! :smiley_drive: Here are some pics:


Thanks again!