campsite pics..lets see um


Sunrise at the start of Buffelspoort, a canyon that was the scene of a tragic flood in 1981 when a whole town was washed away. The first pic is looking away from the "Poort". The hills in the distance were the site of a battle during the Anglo-Boer war. There are some derelict building there.

The Boers secretly came up the "Poort" to attack Laingsburg (the town that was later flooded). It wasn't common knowledge at the time that the "Poort" was passable. They camped at the buildings at the hill up ahead. The British got wind of this and laid an ambush during the night.

Pic 3 is the evening sleep over before tackling the trail. We had driven through a snow storm to get there but the skies were clear at the campsite. Minus 6 degrees celcius. Note the coals under the camp chairs.
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Nice to see you here, Jamie :) Great pics!!
Speaking of nice pics . . . I saw your rig in the latest Toyota Trails issue.

Where were those pics taken, and why wasn't I invited?!?!?!?!?! :safari-rig: :D

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Recommended books for Overlanding


This is the second place I camped on the way to moab this summer. Right near Toledo OH. I was supposed to go to the Jeep factory and found out upon arrival that they no longer give tours of the factory :oops: