campsite pics..lets see um


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Looks familiar and also looks like a peaceful desert retreat even though civilization isn't far off.
Rolled in around 3am and went to bed. It’s Jeans Dry Lake Bed. Woke up to a bunch of sema guys looking to get some photos lol

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Tuktoyaktuk on the Arctic Ocean with our last rig. Planning on returning to Tuk with our new OEV Summit rig in winter but likely not to this spot as the town has decided to move camping away from the water to newly built camp grounds. Can appreciate why, as the shoreline was eroding in many places, but will miss the view and sound.

Tuktoyaktuk Aug 2019.JPGTuktoyaktuk B.JPGTuktoyaktuk C.JPGTuktoyaktuk D.JPG
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Happy tails and Safe travels
Hopefully sent from somewhere pretty and remote.
With my entertainment and navigation multitool.

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