campsite pics..lets see um

Got back yesterday from a four day trip to Mount Rainier, the White River campground.
It is one of the few places where we could have a campfire with the burn ban going on, plus the smoke/bad air from the BC wild fires.
I will make a trip thread later, and also update my old Camping Gear Review thread here, but for now I made two webpages today that I will post here.
Would have stayed longer, but it was hot and bad quality air.
Vacation 2017 Mount Rainier National Park

Weird fire pit!

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Looks like a comfy and functional set up....
Thanks, it is, but I am cutting back fro next trip.
Sone things we did not even use.
Weird fire pit!
Yes it is, and the one next to me was one of those 20" tall ones shaped like a washer drum.
I think they are replacing some of the older ones like we had.

Just like the bear lockers, those are new this year, about time they put them in, there are bear roaming around there quite often, even in the day time.


@kurtwp, It does fine. I've never gotten in over my head with it and I've pulled it into many backcountry camping spots in CO, UT,AZ,etc. Slow and steady is the key for sure. And I definitely air on the side of caution. Things rattle loose from time to time and I bent a jack once but after 5 years of pulling this baby around she's holding up great.

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A little late but this was from July 4th weekend at the family lake.

The wind was coming across the lake and partially collapsing or $40 Coleman tents