Camping Pads , Cots, Ect.. What are you motorcycle riders using?


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What's everyone using for Sleeping pads? What keeps you comfortable on the road. What works and what does not work?

I went for the LuxuryLite UltraLite Cot
These things are spendy, but for me is one of the best things I've bought for MC camping.
I've used the standard foam pads, and a few different thermarest's and settled on this thing.

I spent a week sleeping on one this past summer and a few other overnight trips. Best night sleep I've ever had camping. They don't take up much more room than a nice thermarest either when packed up.

I have the mesh version and I didn't expect it to hold up, but it's been fine.

It just barely fits inside my tent, but I see on their website that you can put it under the tent. Not sure how what would work out though.

What's everyone else using?
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I've used a LuxuryLite cot since they came out... The first version was a little finicky and hard to turn over on (I'm a side sleeper and I flop alot), I upgraded to the second version and it was much better. I understand the newest versions are even better still. It was very comfortable, though anytime but the summer I had to add a 3/4" self inflating pad for insulation to keep from getting cold. Note that I put my cot "under" my tent to keep the feet from wearing through the tent floor and to further protect the floor incase of rainl. This may have caused the cold outside air to circulate under the cot more than if it was inside the tent. I sold my cot a while back and have been using a 3" insulated air mattress from Exped, slid into the sleeve of the Big Agnes. Works great, EXCEPT the one-way valve "burps" every hour or so and wakes me up. I use it as a timer to let me know that I need to turn over :) I will probably be switching out my sleeping system here soon, as I have gear ADD and for good or bad feel the need to change it up :)


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Army issue thermarest... on the ground...and a bivi... tents and cots are overrated:



Thermarest Pro lite 4. It packs very small and I love how comfy it is. Even on gravel despite being very thin, I've always been very comfy.


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Sevylor camping mattress. Heavy but very durable and has lasted more than 10 years of jkam abuse. Can't find them anymore.


Same items I use for bicycle touring

I have always gone with the therma-rest camprest instead of the lighter, smaller backpacking pad and it has done me well for many years. Due to rain and bug, I do use a lightweight back pack tent that will hold me and my gear. MSR cook stove and pots. No more tools than you are certain you will need and know how to use. Totally opposite than when I am in the Tacoma. There I bring all the comforts, but I can't see bringing a dutch oven on a bike.

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Bikepacking - Cascade Designs Thermarest Neo Air Xlite Regular
Bikepack Racing - Cascade Designs Thermarest Neo Air Xlite Small
Motorcycle touring - The regular X-lite or a Nemo Astro Air Insulated
General camping - Xped Mega Mat, and that sucker is sweet.


gets cold at night, so i need a tent. 2 person backpacking tent with a thick air matress works great. it's a little bulky but most backpacking tents can be broken up to several packages for stuffing where you have room.

i can fit everything i need to camp in a backpack and tail bag...



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Hammock and large footprint to keep the rain off. Space underneath the hammock to stretch out. Hammock can be a chair. Very small and light.


Big Agnes inflatable pad if I'm using a tent. Much smaller than a thermarest style pad and more comfortable. No chair option though. On the rare occasions I will take my thermarest 3/4 length with chair kit. My legs do not require cushion and that keeps the size and weight down.